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    In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, GENlUS STORE s.I., hereinafter the ADMINISTRATOR, informs you that is the owner of the website:, in agreement with the requirement of Article 10 of the aforementioned Law, the Website Administrator notifies the following information: the holder of this Website is the Administrator with NIF / CIF: B65357253, and Register of BARCELONA Volume: 41989. Page: 213, S 8 ,. Sheet: B-398275, and registered office: Sombrerers 1, Zip Code: 08003. Location: BARCELONA. Province: BARCELONA. The email address to contact the company is:


    Navigation, access nad use of the Website and all sub-domains and directories included therein, as well as the services or contents that may be obtained through it and all the portals of own domain under the ownership of the Administrator, gives the Condition of USER , by which they are accepted, when browsing the page of the Administrator, all the Conditions of Use that are establish here, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding regulations of mandatory legal compliance as the case may be.

    Therefore, if the considerations detailed in this legal notice do not conform, please do not use the portal and leave it immediately, since any use you make of it or the services and contents included in it will involve the acceptance of the legal terms included in this text.

    The Website provides a great diversity of information, services and data. The USER assumes responsibility for the correct use of the websites. This responsibility will extend to: The accuracy and legality of the information provided by the USER in the forms issued by the Administrator to access certain content or services offered by the web.

    The use of information, services and data offered by the Administrator against the provisions of these conditions, the Law, morality, good customs or public order or that, in another case, may imply injury to the rights of third parties or the operation of the websites. For this purpose, the User will refrain from using any of the content for illegal purposes or purposes, prohibited in this text, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of content, other Users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

    Users shall be liable for damages of any kind that the company that owns the website may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of breach of any of the obligations arising from the use of the website and this Privacy Policy.

    In particular, and merely indicative and not exhaustive, the User agrees not to transmit, distribute or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs from this Website.


    1. The Administrator and the creators of these videos do not endorse, approve or promote under any circumstances the performance of any behavior represented in the content of its website or the behaviors represented in the videos.
    2. The contents represented by actors and models are purely fictitious and do not represent any current event, person or entity.
    3. The Health Authorities of the country where the contents have been produced (Spain), have warned that the imitation of some of the acts represented by the models that appear in the contents of the website could be harmful to health.
    4. No content on this Website is or is intended to be advice of any kind, and should not be treated as such.

    The WEBSITE is not covered by the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 since it does not contain images of " explicit sexual behavior " In any case, we keep all the Records of Transfer of Image Rights of each of the models that appear on the Website.


    All the models that appear on the Website were older than 18 when they were photographed or filmed. All the actresses and models without exception were regular smokers in their real life in the period of time in which they were filmed, they are fully aware that Health Authorities have warned that smoking can be harmful to their own health and have agreed to appear in the videos and photographs of this Web by own will and without coercion.


    Any mention or appearance on the WEBSITE of names or images of Products or Companies, could be trademarks or registered trademarks owned by their respective owners, and will have been used only for identification and explanation purposes, without intending to infringe the Law, in compliance with the Intellectual Property Laws that protect them.

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