Latest Shooting: Sabrina.

Sabrina: The Breath of a Smoking Woman

Just Smoking Fetish Glamour

"SmokingSweeties" is an experimental work resulting from the collaboration with professional and amateur models who are regular smokers in their real life.

Using a backlight technique with HMI lights, the models are showcased through beautiful smoking fetish portraits and video interviews. The scenes are not intended to promote or demonize smoking, but to display its own rare beauty and personality.

If you wish to support this work, please feel free to download any of your choice of the models' videos.

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Sexy Smoking Girls

SmokingSweeties videos explore the intimate moments and the mind of many beautiful girls who smoke in real life. During the interviews those smoking models reveal contradictions about their addiction to nicotine, as they power smoke their cigarettes. We stay apart of the rude way of produce smoking fetish videos, instead we study on an inteligent and elegant way the essence of what is between a woman and her cigarette.

SmokingSweeties on the net

Popular smoking fetish forums have proclaimed as one of the finest sites to download free photos of popular sexy smoking-models, like Rosy, Vanessa or Andrea. The incredible HD images of the videos, with all the girls smoking proudly in real life, will bring us many questions about an unhealthy habit that could be about to dissapear.

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Free Smoking Fetish Photos

Our smoking fetish videos showcase scenes based on the multiple requests we've received, like nostril exhales, 100s cigarettes, chain smoking while dangling, smoking multiple cigarettes at once, and even candid smoking coughing. If you like to watch girls smoking, don't hesitate to download any of our SmokingSweeties videos, or have a look to our free smoking photo galleries.

Smoking Fetish, what?

Have you ever feel captivated while watching a girl smoking cigarettes on a public place? Can't you take your eyes off a girl taking deep inhales to her cigarette? This unhealty habit could be about to dissapear, but before, at SmokingSweeties, we want to document the glamour of those models and sexy actresses who for half a century have smoked cigarettes as a fetish object in photos and films.

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