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Frequently asked questions

What format are the video clips?
Once you complete the purchase of a video, you will be provided with 2 download links, corresponding to 2 different screen resolutions.
For videos released after July 2010 (Volume 16 and beyond) the download links correspond to:
  • Link number 1: High definition MP4-HD1080s video file (codec H264 level 4) (1920x1080 pixels resolution @ 4000 kbps). This file has state-of-the-art quality, but also requires some more disk space.
  • Link number 2: HD720p MP4 video (codec H264 level 3.1) (1280x720 pixels resolution @ 985 kbps). This version will not compromise your disk space, as the file size is very light, and also can be downloaded quickly and played in old computers. However the image quality and the details of the image are not as pristine as the HD1080 version.
For videos filmed before July 2010 (Volume 3 to 15) each download link corresponds with:
  • Link number 1: High definition WMV-HD720 video (1280x720 pixels resolution @ 3200 kbps). This file can be played in any computer or HD-ready hardware, but its download will take a bit longer.
  • Link number 2: Low definition WMV video (854x480 pixels @ 1000 kbps). This file is low size file that can be downloaded quickly, and it can be played in any computer.
Volume 1 and 2 are offered in a single standard 4:3 wmv DV format.
My video player crashes or is not able to play the videos.

If you use VLC player to play the videos, and video crashes / don't play / or plays very choppy, find on "preferences" 'GPU accelerated decoding' and turn it off.

If you use DVIX player, be sure to update it to the latest version, as old versions may crash with certain videos.

If you use Windows Media Player on Windows XP or Windows Vista, be sure to install a codec pack to enable H264 playback. We recommend to install K-lite Codec Pack. There are other codec packs like XPcodecpack or FFDShow MPEG-4 that will help you to play all major audio and video formats.

Your computer should meet these minimum system requirements if you wish to play the HD version of the videos:

  • 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 256 MB video card
If your computer is not fast enough to play 1080p HD videos, you may prefeer to play the 'low' version of the provided video links.
Video is playing back very choppy / freezes during playback.
In order to play smooth MP4 (h264) 1080p videos, your computer should meet these minimum system requirements:
  • 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 256 MB video card

If your computer is not fast enough to play 1080p HD videos, you must download the 'low' version of the provided video links,

If you are using VLC player to play the videos, and you experiment pixelation or choppy playback, find on VLC preferences 'GPU accelerated decoding' and turn it off.

If you use Windows Media Player on Windows XP or Windows Vista, be sure to update your codec pack to the latest version. We recommend to install K-lite Codec Pack. There are other codec packs like XPcodecpack or FFDShow MPEG-4 that will help you to play smoothly all major audio and video formats.

Are your videos DRM protected?
No. The videos play without using DRM system (Digital Rights Management). Once you download a video,  you can play it on any computer or compatible system without limits.
I'm unable to use navigation controls (fast foward, rewind, skip) when playing the videos?
This may mean that your video download was incomplete, and you got only a partial file. Sometimes, navigation over the video is not possible when the file has not been fully downloaded. Perhaps the download got broken causing a broken file. Please download again the complete video, and be sure that the video size matches with the size displayed in the website.

Also, the use of download accelerators, like FlashGet or JDownloader may issue partially downloaded files, due to the implementation of segmented download feature by using several parallel connections to the server. In order to avoid broken while using a download manager, it may help to deactivate 'Segmented Download' on the application settings of the application.
What software do I need to play HD wmv files on a Mac or on an iPhone/iPad?
iPhone or iPad users can use VM Player HD is one of the best HD multimedia players for iPhone or iPad, which has simple and easy-to-use interface and supports a big range of different file formats, including WMV-HD.

If you wish to download the videos as well from your iPhone/iPad, you would like to install a Download Manager, as iOS still can not manage file downloads from websites. We have tested sucessfully iSaveit and iSafePlay, which will allow you to download any kind of file from any website.

For Mac users,VLC Media Player will play just about anything you can throw at it! Alternately you can try Flip4Mac WMV Components Both are free applications.
Do you sell DVDs or tangible media?
No. This website offers downloadable media only.

Once you download a clip you can burn them onto a blank DVD using any freeware DVD authoring application. DVD Flick works really well and is free, It can take your favourite clips stored on your computer and turn them into a playable DVD. However our downloadable videos have a higher resolution than DVD format supports. To get the best playback experience, play our videos on a HD-TV connected to a computer or HD-media player.
Downloading on an Android phone/tablet?
Install any free app to download the videos, like AVD (Android Video Downloader), we have tested it and it works perfect.

Once you have installed AVD, click on the video link that you wish to download. From the Action menu, select Video Downloader, and the download should start automatically. You should be able to see the download progress in the notification bar (at the top of the screen).

Downloads are automatically added to your Gallery and are stored into your "Download" directory (in this folder: /mnt/sdcard/Download). For Android 3.2 and above, downloads appears in your phone's download manager too.
Downloading on an iPhone or iPad?
You may like to use iSaveit which is a free app that allows you to download any kind of downloadable files from any website to your iPhone/iPad. Have a look to this tutorial:
I have still not received an email with my download access. Why?
  • Wrong typed email address: Be sure that you have typed your email address correctly during registration. You can check your email address anytime at 'your account > personal information'.
  • Emails received in the SPAM folder: Is a common issue that many users receive all our emails in their SPAM folder. Go to your 'spam' folder of your email client and mark our address as 'non-spam'.
You may like to check the status of your order: Once your order has been completed, your can access to your download links in your account. ('My account' > 'Order history' > 'View order'). If your order status is other than "completed", and you have completed the payment:
  • Your payment is still being processed: Credit Card payments are usually processed instantly, but in some cases the system may have a delay.
  • Bank account payments: All bank account payments have a delay of several business days until your payment has been confirmed and you get your downlad links.
Contact us and we'll be glad to assist you whenever you need additional help.
How can I download a video?
Browse the website's video archive, and click 'ADD TO DOWNLOAD CARD'  on each video you want to download.
Once done, click 'Check and Download!' (on the upper bar of the website) to proceed to checkout.
Continue all the steps to login or create a new account, then you will be taken  to the payment page.
Once the payment has been completed you will receive an email with your download links. Additionally, your download links will be available on the website, by clicking on the 'My account' menu (you need to be logged in to make it visible).
Why do I get 2 URL for each files?
For each HD clip you download you get two download links corresponding to two different files of the same video at different resolutions:
  • Download link number 1: High definition WMV-HD720 video (1920x1080 pixels resolution @ 400 kbps). This file can be played in any computer or HD-ready hardware, but its download will take a bit longer.
  • Download link number 2: Low definition WMV video (1280x720 pixels pixels @ 1000 kbps). This file is low size file that can be downloaded quickly, and it can be played in any computer.
How much time do I have to download my clip?
Your download links will be active for 120 hours (5 days), and you have 10 attempts to download each file.
Once this period ends, you can reactivate any of your expired download links up to 2 extra times, in case you need to re-download any of your purchased videos along the coming years.
To reactivate a download link, simply click on any of your expired links and you will be prompted to reactivate it.
Why do I get 'ERROR - 10002' when I try to download?
Your video download links will expire after 120 hours (5 days), and you have 10 attempts to download each video.

If you play your videos directly from the internet, you may waste your download attempts, so is highly recommended to play the videos from your computer hard disk. Please, save the videos to your hard disk first.

If you use a download accelerator (like JDownloader or FlashGet), the application may open several parallel connections to fragment the download, but expiring all your allowed download retries before the file gets fully downloaded. Be sure to deactivate 'Segmented Downloading' on your application settings before starting to download the files.

If you need extra attempts or extra time, simply click over the expired link and you will be prompted to reactivate it. Remember you only have 2 attempts to reactivate your download links. Once expired those two reactivations, the only way to download the video is to purchase it again.
My download link never begins the download. Why?
Sometimes the link we sent to your email is split into two lines by the email client. This will cause an invalid or expired link that redirects you to the homepage. If the link that you received in your email is reconstructed to one line, then it works perfectly. Just copy it and paste it in your browser and it will work.

Alternately, the complete link is also displayed in your order page. My account' > 'Order history' > 'View Order' . (Click here to access directly to your download links). If you have problems downloading, please email us.
I can't log in as registered customer / I'm unable to create an account / Videos are not added to Download Cart / The Cart shows as empty
I can't login as resistered customer: If after a password reset you are not able to login on our site, you should try to clear your cookies for our site. Follow this instructions to reset your browser for a specific site: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cookies After cleaning your old cookies, you will be able to login successfuly.

If this doesn't works, folow the steps below to enable javascript and cookies in your browser.

Videos are not added to download cart / I'm unable to create an account: If It's highly likely your internet browser or firewall may not be fully optimized with standard php scripts, let's check some of your internet browser settings:
1. Enable javascript in your browser. Click here to learn how.

2. If your firewall security is set to "high", try to decrease this value to "medium", or add smokingsweeties.com to your browser's list of allowed sites. Here are the instructions for how to add allowed sites in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE):
1. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options."
2. Click on the "Privacy" tab.
3. Click the "Sites..." button and type www.smokingsweeties.com in the "Address of Web site" section.
4. Click "Allow." and then click "OK."
3. Enable 'Accept Cookies' in your browser:
  • On Firefox, go to 'Tools menu/Options/Security'.
  • In MS-Explorer go to 'Tools/Options/Privacy/Advanced/ and disable 'automatic cookies admin', and enable 'accept session cookies'.
4. On a lot of cases, simply clearing your browser cache may solve your problems:
  • On MS-Explorer 6: Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options box should open to the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button. This will delete all the files that are currently stored in your cache.
  • On MS-Explorer 7, At the top of the screen, click on Tools >Internet Options (If you do not see the tools menu hold down the alt and t key on the keyboard), find the Temporary Internet Files section. Click on Delete. A Delete Browsing History window will appear. Click on the Delete Files... button. A verification screen will then come up. Click Yes to delete the files.
  • On Firefox Click Tools and select Options.Click the Advanced icon and click the Network tab.Click Clear Now under the Cache section.
If nothing is working you can use our alternative videos page here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/14922
My download speed is unstable/slow. My downloads stops
  • Stop any other download applications that may interfere your download in order to get a higher bandwidth.
  • Try to connect to a different Wifi network (like a public Wifi or your 3G). Some ISPS may trace a slow route to our server for limited time periods.
  • If you have a fast connection and you have no access to other internet spots, and you are still experiencing unstable download speeds, please send us your server 'trace route' by email to look at  and to check where this is happening. To do this on a windows machine go to START -> RUN and type CMD then hit "OK". (On Vista type CMD in the Start/Search box) This will bring up the command prompt. In the command prompt type "tracer smokingsweeties.com". In Mac go to the terminal (HD -> APPLICATIONS -> UTILITIES -> Terminal) and type "traceroute smokingsweeties.com".
  • Anytime that you need extra download time, or additional download attempts, please email us.
I've lost my downloaded videos because my computer/hard disk crashed. Is there any chance I would be able to download my videos again?
Yes. Simply send us an email from your login email account asking for a download links reactivation, stating your old order numbers. You'll get a 120 hours (5 days) grace period to download your videos again.
I've send you and email, but I never got an answer from you.
We always have an immediate response for any issue. On some cases our support-answers were undelivered because the user email server was rejecting our emails as spam.

If you feel that your questions are unanswered, please check your spam folder or resend your questions from a different email account,so we'll deliver our support emails to your secondary email.
I forgot my password, and I haven't received a new one yet.
It has happened on the past that some email providers blocked automated incoming emails from this website.
If after requesting a new password you don't receive an automated email from the website, please request us a new password here and we will send your new password to your email manually.
Who do you use for a billing processor?
The website process the payments through an European based secure3D/4B terminal accepting VISA/Mastercard credit/debit cards.
Alternately the website uses CCBill (US based) for VISA only, and other third party payment gateways for bank wire transfer (Europe only).

To select a payment method, click on "payment options" during checkout to choose the payment gateway that suits you best.

As a third option, any of the videos here can also be purchased at: www.clips4sale.com/studio/14922.
What will the payment appear on the bank statement as?
Our trading name will appear as 'GENIUS ST0RE' (0=O, so Google will never target to this page to protect your privacy in your transactions.)
I got a discount coupon. How do I use it?
Add some videos to your download cart, and click on 'Download Cart'. Find a box located below your order, near the Total Price, and type your coupon code there. Click on 'Apply Changes' to validate your coupon.


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