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Zahira is a magnet

star star star star star by Women CraveCigarettes, 11 months ago.

Wow! What a woman Zahira is and what is she smoking beautifully and seducifully!
Your eyes stick to the screen when the long cigarette hangs from her Lips: when is she going to light it?! Great and exciting detail I find!
The clip itself gets 4 stars, as I miss just a couple of different settings, outfits AND view of het full body, ass, legs, her smoking when drinking coffee or for example when arriving home or after a shower. Zafira herself gets 6 stars!

Potentially a star!

star star star star star by Women CraveCigarettes, One year ago.

This clip is beautiful. This woman is beautiful. She smokes beautifully.
However, not enough full body shots, always fully dressed and she is completely silent.
Big plus though is the panties only though she is wearing underneath her sweater!

Nuria is a woman!

star star star star star by Women CraveCigarettes, One year ago.

When in doubt, buy the video! Ofcourse I also have the other two older ones from Nuria, but damn! She is a woman now!
A perfect example of how some women get more beautiful when they are a little older. And smoking she does!
It is true she often says similar things. Very sexy things, true, but a little more would have been better, as we are curious about her now!
My favorite part is when she comes in running towards her bag to get a cigarette. This woman knows what she wants!

Ines knows how

star star star star star by Women CraveCigarettes, One year ago.

OMG! Ines is really smoking hot! Her light blue shirt, her see through shirt, her naked breasts, belly, ass and even a view of what is probably the most perfect pussy.
Love the way she sometimes inhales deeply and then closes her eyes to enjoy the sensations.
Would be even 6 stars if she sometimes said something, like: "I feel damn sexy!" "Now I want another cigarette!" "Feels so good..." "Exactly what I needed" etc. Always love it when women describe what they feel when smoking.