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Pretty with a very natural smoking style

star star star star star by Wendy, 9 years ago.

Shelia is a very pretty young woman with a very natural relaxed smoking style. Nice pretty smile, nice consistent and relaxed pace. She does not hold the smoke in her lungs for a long time, but if you watch her smoke she does do a heavy drag on the cigarette and she does take it down into her lungs. You can also tell by the volume of smoke she inhales.

On some of the other Smoking Fetish forums people ask how to get addicted to smoking. The answer always comes back the same - find a cigarette that you like to smoke, learn to do a quick sharp inhale to get the smoke past the cough reflex and into your lungs, hold for a second and then exhale it. Enjoy the act of smoking (the lit cherry end of the cigarette glowing as you inhale the smoke, the sensation of the smoke going into your lungs as you are inhaling and the sensation of exhaling the smoke and watching it in the air around you) along with the relaxed sensation that the nicotine will give you. If you do that every time you smoke and just smoke whenever you want to and when the opportunity permits without forcing anything the addiction to the pleasure of smoking will come naturally.

Along with that verbal / written description, I would use this video as an example of exactly how to do it. Great video of a very attractive woman smoking for her (and our) enjoyment.

Nice girl, nice smoking

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

A happy smoking and nice girl wearing makeup and nail polish. Shows off her sexy painted nails on her hands and feet if you are into that.

Nice Girl, Nice Smoking

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Nice looking young woman wearing make-up and nail polish. Nice smoking. However, I did not like the Black & White Cut Scenes as I feel they were distracting.

Another great sensual video from Vens.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

As I have said in another review on her previous video to this one, Venus is not the heaviest smoker on this site. She smokes about half a pack of Mrlb. Gold Pack (lights) a day. But she does inhale deeply, hold the smoke in and then exhale in a sensual manner.

Venus is quite attractive and very articulate. She describes different aspects of her smoking in detail. She is a good communicator who is easy to listen to and can make you understand what she is feeling when she smokes.

She gives a detailed and sensual description of the feeling of the smoke in her lungs and how the sensations expand out to her breasts and nipples. She also gives good visual examples of her breasts (under the thin white top) as she smokes.

She is honest about the negative effects of her smoking and she gives a good description of using smoking patches to keep up her Nicotine intake when she can't smoke due to a bad cold.

Five stars for Venus and her sensual descriptions and her sensual smoking.

Very sensual smoker

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Venus O'Hara is not the heaviest smoker on the site. She smokes Mrlb. gold pack (lights) - although she does definitely take deep inhales and she holds the smoke in and then slowly exhales it. So if you want a smoking robot who doesn't say much but can suck down and chain smoke Mrlb Reds all day this video may not be for you. However, if you want to experience a visit with an attractive and sensual woman who is a good conversationalist who enjoys smoking her M. lights and talking about the details and giving you her insights about her smoking then this video is for you.

Venus talks though-out most of the video in her sexy voice in clearly understandable English with her Irish accent. She keeps up a very interesting conversation where she describes her smoking - including the Zen breathing of smoking - she does describe quite clearly how she gets the most out of smoking her cigarettes.

This video hit the sweet spot for me in what I am looking for in smoking videos - someone who you can connect with who can come across and make you feel that they are actually talking to you and that you are sharing their experience - so I gave it a 5 star rating for that.

I would like to comment on the part of the video where she mentions about smoking during pregnancy. It may be easy for a guy to criticize what she says since he won't be carrying the baby for nine months - I feel that Venus was being honest with her boyfriend in telling him that she would not be able to stop smoking during her pregnancy. Which is much more honest than telling the guy what he wants to hear then once pregnant and the guy is on the hook for child support doing what you want to do.

The solution for women who are addicted smokers and don't think they will be able to give up smoking during pregnancy is to simply not get pregnant. Not everyone is best suited to be a mother. And I think that is the way it will turn out for Venus.

And finally, we are all going look old and wrinkled at 80, smoking or not. Although of course non-smoking we will arrive there looking better and being healthier. But it is still what you want out of life. The taking control part of your life is in the deciding how you are going to live your life between now and then - some people are non-smokers, some people are smokers who are trying to quit and some people enjoy smoking. It's all about personal decisions.

Two sexy girls smoking

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

A bit over acted and they are both wearing too heavy eye makeup in my opinion, but they do put on a fun show for you. You do get to see both girls briefly smoking topless - Saskia who wears a very sheer white top for 2 and a half minutes and then removes it and smokes completely topless for a minute afterward. and Diana who pulls the front of her gown down and smokes completely topless for 30 seconds at the end.

Two Lesbian girls in slow sensual erotic smoking play

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Well well done video of two girls who appear to be a real life Lesbian couple engaging in slow sensual erotic touching while sharing cigarettes and smoke. A bit different than the hard core smoking only videos with a solo model or women who are straight friends smoking together.

As to another reviewer's question as to are they a couple - Saskia has a tattoo on her left wrist that appears to be the mirror image of the tattoo on Natalia's right wrist, so I would imagine that they are an actual couple. (Or they have sure practiced a lot together!) :-)

Your friend tells you how to enjoy a cigarette.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Marina is a relaxed and friendly young lady who smokes Marlboro Reds and speaks very understandable English throughout the video. She has quite a warm and friendly personality and you really do believe that she knows you and is giving you her good advice on how to smoke and to best enjoy your cigarette. She really fidgets a lot in her chair - she is obviously a lively animated person.

I only have a couple small complaints - I don't like the looking up at her from the floor camera shots which seem silly and out of place to me - she is your friend telling you how to smoke not someone that you have to kneel in front of and look up.

And finally you don't see that she is barefoot until the very end of the video. It would have been nice to show this in a waist to head level shot taking back a ways to get her whole body in and having her bring her feet closer to her body. Another way to do this is to have the model sit on a couch and tuck her feet up close to her body. For most women (except for those who do not have nice looking feet - they have to wear socks or shoes) bare feet are very sensual and a way to get the other person more relaxed and get their attention better - it is a way to get undressed without taking off your clothes - a way to show off that you are more open or more sexy without having to take off clothes.

Overall a good informative and fun video.

Slow to start, Very Erotic Beach Smoking Video.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Andrea speaks very understandable English with a sexy accent and smokers Marl. Golds. During the video the color goes out almost all the way to black and white at the beginning and at the 14:27 mark, but then suddenly gets corrected in about 30-40 seconds. Nice video of a pretty young woman smoking at the beach and in the water but I was beginning to think I made a mistake in downloading this until the 15:45 mark where things suddenly get really steamy with her erotically describing her smoking. She keeps this up right up until the end (26:00) of the video. When she demonstrates for you by smoking her cigarette and inhaling deeply and then holding it in and obviously enjoying it and then slowly exhaling the smoke and says "It's a really good sensation to do this." "You have to take all the smoke here, in your lungs, Like this..." You will want to run out and buy a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and become a smoker too...

Aside from some imperfections in the color due to the ambient beach lighting, and what to me is a somewhat boring first 15 minutes of the video I believe that overall it is a very good video if you like to hear the model describing smoking as sexy and pleasurable. Andrea has obviously put in a lot of thought into making her smoking act and what she says during her smoking as erotic as she could make it (although she does repeat herself somewhat to keep her talking about smoking flowing - but she still does a very good job of keeping her smoking and her description of her smoking sensations erotic). This is what I am looking for in a smoking video and she puts in a very good performance, and that is why I am giving her 5 stars here.

Serious smoker - Awesome exhales

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Judit is a thin and pretty 23 year old lady who smokes Marl. Reds pretty much non-stop. It is clear that as she mentions in the video she is a nervous woman. It may sometimes not look like she is taking that big a volume of smoke in, but her huge exhales testify that she did take a lot of smoke into her lungs. Good smoker. The scene with her topless she remains facing away from you and is short and you only get a couple of brief glimpses of the side of her breasts as she grabs her hair to pull it away so you can more clearly see her face and smoking. She does a good job smoking but I find her not to be the most erotic smoking model for some reason (my personal preference).

Very sexy Bare Breasts Smoking Video

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Although the whole premise of "Smoking makes my breast grow up" is a little silly (you really don't want to be smoking while your breasts are in the adolescent growing stage if you want them to grow to their maximum size, and as an older adult the only way to make them bigger is to surgically get breast implants) Christine really does a good job of presenting the fantasy. Christine speaks very good english, has a very sexy accent, and really does a god job of keeping up her erotic dialog interspaced throughout the video. Her playing with her cigarettes and the cigarette smoke on her breasts is very erotic and fun to watch. She is very creative in what she says and does. By the end of the video even I believed that smoking makes your breasts grow. Who would have thoughht! :-)

Sexey English Speaking Girl who Loves to Smoke

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Sexy outfits and poses. She is not topless which would have been nice, but this is still a good video. Her lovely English accent makes what she is saying ver easy to understand. She is a very intelligent and outgoing girl judging by her conversation. The video is interspaced with her smoking and not talking and also smoking while talking about her smoking - she gives very good descriptions I think of what she likes about smoking. She also balances her love of smoking with the negatives of smoking which she mentions, and gives some thoughtful insight on her views on smoking and her decision to continue smoking.

Sexy Single and Double Smoking Romanian Lady

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

She looks sexy in the still pictures and she looks, acts and sounds even sexier. I think the bare feet and painted toe nails that match her finger nail polish are a real plus. She is slow and laid back, talking throughout most of the video about how the cigarettes make her feel. She doesn't just stay in one pose but moves around a bit. She is very passionate about smoking and expresses it very well in mostly easy to understand Enlish with her sexy obviously Romanian accent.

Personally I am not a big fan of seing someone smoking two cigarettes at one time, but she made me a believer in how sexy it can be with this video.

I think that Christina really brought her "A" game to this video shoot. She really gives a good performance that is very sexy and keeps you interested throughout, although I don't think she was acting at all - just saying how she really feels about her cigarettes and her smoking.

Not sexy at all

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

The still pictures and the description seemed to hold a lot of promise for the video, but when I saw the video I did not find her voice or her body movements sexy at all. I expected her attitude to be very passionate, but I found her to be anything but.

Sexy English Speaking Mocha Skin Lady gives Smoking Instructions

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

I would describe Trini as a lady who is more attractive in the video than in the still pictures. She is animated and slow and sexy in her movements. Talks and acts just like she is teaching you how to smoke. She speaks English well in what sounds to me like a sexy French accent. She goes into some detail in her description, and makes it easy to fantasize that you have this sexy woman giving you smoking lessons. Just the one pose and a short video, but I thought worth watching for the sle price.

This Andrea is a sexy smoker

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

I liked th elook of the model from the pictures and the description, plus it being on sale I gave it a try and downloaded it. Was glad that I did.

Andrea has a sexier voice and sexier moves than you would imagine from perhaps looking at the pictures. From her looks I expected her voice to be a bit on the masculine side, and for the first part of the video thaought that perhaps the voice was dubbed in. But in the next scene with her seated it was clearly her voice - quite sexy. She speaks good english and gives a very good description of her smoking history and how much she enjoys smoking.

However, when she tries to describe why she can't stop by describing the feelings she gets from smoking, she hesitates in a very sexy manner taking a few inhales and exhales, then finally says "You can't explain. It's a feeling. Only if you try and you feel it." Although that may seem kind of a let-down answer, but if you watched her body movements as ahe takes the inhales and exhales, you would understand when she does finally say that.

One comlaint about the video: There is no audio in the last scene in the video in the bathroom (from 15:19 to 19:14)

Very Sexy !

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Julia made up a very creative arrangement of three plastic Tees and some length of clear platic tubing and to see her using it it is Incredibly sexy! Many thanks to Julia for her creativity and her performance. AMAZING video to watch! VERY VERY SEXY! The only complaint I would have is that the tee coming to the mouth inhale tubing is closer to the right side of her body, so that cigarette burns down quicker than the other one. (Hey, I work in engineering...) Anyway, I just want to say that her using that looks so hot that I am going to make a similar double smoking device with the breathing tube tee in the center of the back (probably with a bit of padding for comfort when laying down) and do this myself. My breasts are smaller than hers (only B cups), and I only smoke Virgina Slims lights very occassionally and open mouth inhales at that. But now having seen Julia in this video using that and looking so sexy and enjoying it so much, I just have to make one and use it for myself! I will practice with two Virginia Slims lights at first - first shallow inhales, then deeper inhales (better to start slow and easy and looking forward to doing more instead of doing too much at once) - and then even possibly work up to stronger cigarettes from there. THAT is how affected I am from this video! Congratulations to Julia and to Fran for an excellent video!

She is pretty and sexy looking

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Based on a second viewing, I am upping my score that I gave to this video. When I wrote my first review I was just angry as I felt I had been misled by the title "18yo girl starts to feel an addiction" because she did not talk about how long she has been smoking and where she is now with her smoking.

But to be fair to her, and the producer of the video, she is a pretty girl with a nice hairstyle, a good figure and sexy clothes, and she does look sexy smoking. She does smoke throughout the video. Not power smoking but she does inhale. If she was sitting across from you at the club smoking it would be an enjoyable thing to watch.

Pretty young girl with great slim figure smoking.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Patricia / Pat is an attractive girl - she has a pretty face, long brunette hair and a good hairstyle with bangs in front that perfectly frames her pretty young face. With a slim figure, tight blue jeans and a nice black top and wearing high heels she looks young and sexy from head to toe.

There is not a lot of talking (just the first 20 seconds at he beginning) although she does state very convincingly that she loves smoking.

Although as attractive and pretty as she is, with just the one setting on her couch I found it got boring watching her smoke after a while. Might make for a good video to play in the background in a loop.

Attractive, enjoys smoking and talks quite a bit about smoking.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

A very attractive young lady who has good fashion sense in clothes and a good figure to go with them. She does plenty of smoking in the video and although I am not really competent to grade her on all the fine points of technical smoking will say that she is clearly comfortable with her smoking and very obviously enjoys it. Although English is obviously not her first language, she is well spoken and easy to understand. She really explains her smoking story well and the video, in my opinion, is very well done giving a balanced view of her walking out and about and smoking in different settings. For the marked down price I think it is a great value.

Amazing Mature English Woman Smoker

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Part two of an interview with Helen - a sexy and attractive well spoken mature woman smoker who is English and speaks clear English and is an intelligent conversationalist. Her makeup and jewelery accessories and nail polish and lipstick are all great.

The first 8 minutes of the video is Helen wearing a sexy see-through top with the fur vest you see in the picturesa teaching you how to smoke so that you can smoke with her. All I can say is that her's is the must clearly detailed and most sensuous smoking lession you can imagine. By the 8 minute point you will be wanting to run out to buy a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and be rushing back home to replay that first part so that you can smoke right along with her.

As with the first video this video has a great combination of her smoking with her talking and even her coughs add to the scene and the intensity of her smoking.

Amazing Mature English Woman Smoker

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Part one of an amazing mature woman smoker who is English and speaks intelligently and clearly with a voice you can listen to all day. As the pictures show, she is quite attractive and wears great sexy outfits showing off her amazing figure for her age. The video is very well done with a great combination of her smoking with her talking and even her coughs add to the video of her smoking.

Young Lady Having Fun Smoking in Mirror

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

I think this video is a great value if you would like to see a young lady who is having fun smoking in the mirror in a short 5 minute video. I had though it would be kind of silly, especially the part where she is smoking two cigarettes at once, but for the reduced price and her cute look with the short haircut couldn't resist. I am glad I got the video.

She smiles a lot and seems to be having a lot of fun - acting just like a young lady smoker who is enjoying her smoking would act. Even the part where she has two lit cigarettes are done in a fun way and logically just as if someone who is playing around with her smoking in front of a mirror would be doing.

One last word - the video does only come in the Low Resolution Format (768x576) as is mentioned at in tiny grat text just under the green "Download The Video" button.

Pretty but not very interesting

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

She is young and looks pretty in the two outfits she wears, but doesn't talk much or with much passion (she gives short answers to the questions that are put to her). Better title would be "Pretty Young Girl Smoking" instead of "18yo girl starts to feel an addiction". Price should be marked down.

Jess's Smoking lesson

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Jess is a pretty, young girl with a bit of a bossy attitude. She wears a couple of nice outfits and nice red lipstick but is not wearing any nail polish - just her short natural middle-class working girl nails. She has the tats, the attitude and the demeanor to make you think that you are back in middle school or high school being taught by one of the older girls how to smoke. And she does some good smoking herself to show you by example.

Not a bad video if you are like me and missed being taught by one of the in-crowd girls on how to smaoke a cigarette, and would like to experience a bit of what you missed so long ago in a video.

Great Concept - Not Done Right In My Opinion.

star star star star star by Wendy, 10 years ago.

Venus O'Hara is a very pretty redhead with a lovely body who a fetish model, actress, and author. She has her own web site (

In this video she plays the part of a housewife who is forced by her husband to be a cigarette smoking Nicotine addicted slave for him. She is wearing sexy red lipstick and nail polish and a tight black leotard type outfit and black stockings and high heels. She pretty much smokes throught the video.

Where the video goes off the rails in my opinion is in the audio dialog of her private thoughts - which has her very critical of her husband throughout the video - calling him a sick pervert, etc. This very much takes away from the video for me.

Had it been me writing the script, I would have fed into the Smoking Fetish fantasy by taking about being grateful to my husband for talking me into trying smoking, and then encouraging me to increase my habit until I was finally totally and deeply addicted to Nicotine.

I would talk about being at first very relunctant to start smoking. But my husband kept saying how sexy it made me look, and he was taking me out to nice places as long as I continued to smoke, and kept encouraging me to smoke more at home and in public, and to take deeper and longer inhales - telling me how sexy I looked when I smoked - I gradually became powerfully addicted to the Nicotine.

And now that I have accepted the fact that I am hopelessly addicted to the Nicotine and the cigarettes I realize how much joy smoking gives me. And that I have found a peace in knowing that my smoking and Nicotine addiction pleases my husband. And I am now glad to be a happly Nicotine addicted smoking housewife for my husband.

Something like that - in my opinion - would have made a better script...