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average release

star star star star star by Ultimaoara, 3 months ago.

maybe this will appeal to some, but nothing exciting for me. there are tons of smoking productions out there that focus on detail, darkside or sexuality, and is falls somewhere blend along the lines. would be awesome to see the beauty of Raquel in display of her incredible beauty in nude, for her smoking age she is stunning and clearly
the gem here. the previous release was solid as it offered a dive into the sex appeal of Ona, bit this one falls behind. go back to your roots, extreme smoking, nudes, and deep smoking talks with the models. just my two cents.


star star star star star by Ultimaoara, 3 months ago.

Natural body, good smoking, beauty in full display. 5 stars. wish the last scene would continue more as she was dropping her top and the angle was just right, too short that one but overall excellent content.

leaves me wanting

star star star star star by Ultimaoara, 4 months ago.

This is exactly the king of girl I dream to see naked. In fact, this is my only criticism I have with your latest releases. Those breast wrinkles are fantastic and you should bring her back to show more of her smoking body. It leaves me so wanting, this could have been the best one yet.


star star star star star by Ultimaoara, 8 months ago.

not much to say, just great! topless, double pumps, heavy smoking! more like this

You’re back!

star star star star star by Ultimaoara, One year ago.

This is what I was waiting this whole time, powerful smoking, nudity and amazing style. Keep up like this! Only if you could bring videos more often.


by Ultimaoara, 2 years ago.

Instant buy! That’s more like it! Getting back on track with this one!


by Ultimaoara, 2 years ago.

For the first time in years I’m not buying this one. I’m sorry, but skinny cigarettes? No more heavy smoking, no more multiple pumps, no more multiple cigarettes and, last but not least, no more nudity since long ago.