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Keep Coming Back to It

star star star star star by Turtles, 8 years ago.

This in a lot of ways is a 'go-to' clip for me. There is something incredibly sensual and sexy about Ines. She inhales until she can't breathe in and holds, not choosing to exhale until her lungs can't hold any longer. Because of this her exhales are smooth nose-mouth combos and the residuals are incredible. Her lips and eyes are special, there's really no other way to put it. She is a captivating beauty. Her body shows off perfect skin that is simply tantalizing. The best part of the this video, despite the gorgeous Ines of course, is the filming. There is so much footage of perfectly lit profile shows that the pure volume of Ines exhales can be appreciated. That, and being able to watch every tendril of smoke escape her exquisite mouth and nostrils with such clarity is divine. These reasons bring me back to this clip very often, despite owning just about every clip from this site. Not just a top 10 from this site, but a top 10 video in my thousand clip library. You simply must own it. I really hope she comes back.