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what a shame !!

by Taylor, 8 months ago.

I'm sorry to say but this is terrible. Not to hurt the girls feelings but she holds her cigarette like a truck driver and the oil on her face is not appealing. I have no idea how you would think this video is appealing UNLESS you're trying to put yourself out of business.

Mery the gorgeous !!

star star star star star by Taylor, 11 months ago.

Mery is soo damn hot in this video. Her smoking is seductive with beautiful cone and nostril exhales. Her ass and tits are well displayed along with those legs perched on her high heels. Beautiful make up,nails, and hair are erotic and very sexy. Mery is a woman through and through. She holds her cigarette and draws hard as she fills her lungs with smoke. Her addiction to cigarettes is obvious and it's a pleasure to watch her smoke. Good work SMOKINGSWEETIES !!

Lady Lorena

star star star star star by Taylor, 11 months ago.

This bitch is hot ! The first half of the video is the best. Lorena describes her smoking history and how she knew she was addicted at age 12. Lorena talks in High Heels and a very short denim skirt. He tits are gorgeous under a tight tee shirt.She mentions she likes things in her mouth. A turn on as she draws hard on her cigarette . Cones and great nose exhales from the pink lips of this diva. She loves all aspects of smoking, inhaling,exhaling,holding, .. beautifully addicted.

Saray 18 and addicted

star star star star star by Taylor, 11 months ago.

Saray and Tanya are young and addicted. Saray looks almost innocent. Big eyes and cute smile. Her smoking is slow long drags on her cigarette. Large cone or nostril exhales that show she is accomplished. You can tell she finds joy in holding, lighting and savoring every drag. She loves smoking and will probably never stop. Tanya often exhales her smoke over Saray's hair leaving I'm sure a strong aroma of cigarette smoke. If you like cone and nostril exhales this is a fetish clip that the girls are experts at.

Rebeca & Friend -yes !

star star star star star by Taylor, 11 months ago.

Rebeca and her friend do some arousing smoking. Rebeca takes over as she begins to unbuttons her shirt revealing her beautiful tits rising and her nipples clearly ready to be sucked. Rebeca double pumps and inhales deep as her chest and tits rise. Good nose and cone exhales and a beautiful body.

A smoking Beauty

star star star star star by Taylor, 11 months ago.

Mel is so damn beautiful ! With her hair up or down she is gorgeous. Mel's smoking is seductive every draw of he cigarette. Her tits and ass are perfectly shaped and she shows them off willingly. Her make-up complements her whole look and her smoking is so attractive. Extremely feminine and all woman.

OMG Patricia

by Taylor, One year ago.

I missed this one for years. Patricia is so hot ! Her smoking isn't the greatest but her look is so sexy ! Tight ass as she struts down the street in that tight gold dress and high heels. You can't help but want her more as the video progresses. Hard core sexy and hot. She handles her cigarette in an erotic style that complements her.


by Taylor, One year ago.

Ariadna is a beautiful smoker. So erotic with her smoking style. She fills her lungs as she shows how addicted she is to smoking. Gorgeous double pumps and long streams of her smoke. Hot nose exhales are full and a pleasure to watch. Many open mouth inhales that again compliment her smoking style

spellbound by Gwen

by Taylor, One year ago.

Gwen is once again one of the hottest smokers on this site. Cheek hollowing inhales, open mouth inhales and gorgeous double pumps She is so sexy and is an expert smoker. She is clearly addicted and loves it. Gwen's hair and make up are very sexy and compliment her short dress and long beautiful legs. Excellent work Smoking sweeties !

Anything for Franchezca

by Taylor, One year ago.

Franchezca's smoking is some of the best I've ever seen! Her beautiful long legs are gorgeous as she dances and smokes with huge deep inhales and and hot nose and mouth exhales. She is mesmerizing as she taunts and seduces her audience. She knows your under her spell as she smokes hard and deep with large cone exhales and double pumps that erupt in smoke. Her body is gorgeous as she slaps her tight ass and smiles at you....always smoking !!


by Taylor, One year ago.

Becky is gorgeous in this shoot . Her sexy smoking talent is incredible. Hard drags on her cigarette are arousing and erotic. Long nails and a beautiful body make Becky a smoking dream. Her cone exhales are hot. Let's see more of BECKY !!!

Mery gorgeous

by Taylor, One year ago.

Mery has a smoking style that rivals any of these beautiful smoking girls/women on this site . Thanks smokingsweeties ! You satisfy my smoking fetish with beautiful smoking women like Mery. Mery in the short dress and high heels smoking with the perfection of a pro. Deep inhales and luscious exhales makes her a dream. More of Mery please !

Smoking Beauty

star star star star star by Taylor, One year ago.

Another revisit of probably the best example of smoking talent. Gwen is the epitome sexy of smoking. Open mouth inhales , double and triple pumps, and beautiful nose exhales. The sound of her taking in and exhaling streams of her smoke is a pleasure to hear and watch. Smoking all whites VS 120's - makes her even that much more hot ! Great touch with the high heels and tight jeans.

A look back at Raquel

star star star star star by Taylor, One year ago.

It's been a few years but Raquel's smoking is still a turn-on ! Her long cheek - hollowing draws on her cigarette and those gorgeous exhales says it all. She is mesmerizing as she clearly enjoys every draw. So sexy as she stand with her cigarette perched or by her side is so feminine.

Lorena wonderful smoker

star star star star star by Taylor, One year ago.

Lorena is a very sexy smoker. Her deep inhales and gorgeous exhales are more than exciting.

One of my favorite hot smokers

by Taylor, One year ago.

Becky is such an elegant smoker. I love the way she holds her cigarette and her long beautiful nails. She looks amazing in a dress I'm sure I've seen on Gwen. Both women are hot amd it would be a pleasure to see them together in a shoot.