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re: What a Saleswoman!

by TJ, 3 years ago.

I agree with your comment about Elsa. I loved her sweet, non - confronational character. Somehow I can't imagine she's available these days though.

re: re: She is worth it

by TJ, 5 years ago.

I agree about Elsa (although I think 2012 was 5 years ago; not 7.....!!).
I read somewhere she is now back in Poland studying so we're unlikely to see her again I suspect.
I hope she's very happy.

Valeria:Tons of residual smoke

star star star star star by TJ, 8 years ago.

Valeria is captivating to watch. An English translation or subtitles would have been nice. I don't speak a word of Spanish so perhaps someone could enlighten us as to whether she was giving us a resume of her former career as a dancer in the final scene. if I guessed correctly, she must have reached quite a high standard.

Mery's smoking girlfriends

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

Only fifteen stars for Mery?
Each girl brings her own attributes to the table in this video and Annie and Karina are obviously both serious, capable and experienced smokers. However as a trio, I'm not sure they displayed much of a screen chemistry together or in the pair scenes.
But Mery is also so personable and natural looking; for me, her solo in the last scene was the one that turned this video from an unremarkable one to a 5 - star one. Shame there's no way of balancing the star - rating system up for films like this where 1 of 2 or more girls far outshines the others. I'm looking forward to a solo video of Mery in the near future. Over to you and her Fran please!

Silvia & Dafne

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

Great Vid.
I agree with the tenor of all the previous reviewers.
This is a film that Sir D.'s comment about "Society love(ing) to punish smokers and feel guilty......." puts into perfect context the matter of fact way in which these 2 sisters are intent to pursue their smoking pastime regardless of whatever contrary societal pressures they may encounter in their day to day lives.
I'm pleased than Fran has placed this documentary - style emphasis on the 2 girls.
Oh yes..... and they are both very sexy too!

3 Chimneys talk about smoking

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

A perfect video in every respect!!!

Apart from that; there is nothing much I can add to the thoughts expressed by all reviewers so far (with the exception of Alfonso's review of 3 months ago where for some reason only 3 stars were awarded).

I particularly agree with J Fantabuloso's review and ask if we will see more (much more please) of Dunia on smokingsweeties in the future. She is easily the most voluptuous model I can recall from this site since day 1. I, for one, could not take my eyes off her (and that takes some doing where the other 2 ladies were stunning in their own right!).

Becky - She's an addicted Barbie

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

I agree with the sentiments expressed by most of your reviewers especially Erika's review of 3 years ago.

This is a video where the published still photos far outshine the "live" action. All the models on this excellent site smoke, so the reviews describing Becky's smoking technique are rather missing the point because seldom have we seen a model look so bored and uncomfortable during the action. There was so little material (no pun intended.....!) to occupy her for the 17 or so minutes of "live" footage so filming her lighting yet another cigarette got a bit boring after a while - (we all accept she smokes after all). Similarly; watching her adjusting her outfit several times became tiresome.

Overall, just about worth the money at today's prices.

Sausan: Young Smoking Stunner

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

A very beautiful young girl and when we got to see it; an effusive personality. I'm just wondering why this video (as her 1st one) was edited in the way it was! We did not get any dialogue until over 10 minutes of footage had elapsed by which time I was beginning to hope that the poor girl was not as bored as she looked! If we had had the dialogue 1st we at least would have had the benefit of having "met" the model before the silent scenes. Also, for a video which billed her as a Syrian girl the obvious question was un - addressed namely; is she in Barcelona as a refugee from the Assad regime? This would have been a question which needn't have replaced any of the standard questions that WERE asked but, would have given a context to viewers who might look at this video in the years to come. I appreciate if Fran does not want to give any political dimension to the site but against that, there was no reason to emphasise her nationality if use wasn't going to be made of it. On balance however, there is more merit to this video than demerit.

Nuria: Interview with a Heavy Smoker

star star star star star by TJ, 9 years ago.

I tend to agree generally with reviewers "Alphonse" and "Flattery": Great potential but my thoughts on the 1st scene - albeit it was an eye-catcher, made me think she had taken some strong stimulant substance prior to shooting! It was a little unsettling to watch. The other scenes were much better. Overall, I would definitely like to see her make another video but PLEASE no hypermanic episodes.

Iranian Smoking Woman part 3

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

I promised a review of part 3 after my earlier reviews of parts 1 & 2. This would've been 9 1/2 stars out of 5 if that option were available! The only reason I would not award 10 stars out of 5(if that were possible!) is that it looks as if this extremely articulate beauty may have been encouraged or allowed to titillate us a little too much in the scene showing her sitting on the floor with legs akimbo. This is fine for a short time but I would have preferred less time on that aspect and more left to the viewer's imagination regarding her perfect figure and looks; perhaps a scene showing her in a long gown to follow straight afterwards. I know it is some time since this series of videos was shot but any chance of a return performance?

Iranian Smoking Woman part 2

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

Content again 1st class but, set against the 1st part, a change of clothes for this gorgeous model might have persuaded me to give this video 5 stars too. I look forward to viewing part 3!

Smoking friends

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

Adequate only. Not one I will be recommending others to watch.

Smoking Business Woman Cravings

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

Might have been 5 stars if it were not for the very short length of the video, the absence of dialogue and any visible context to support the video title. This could have been any woman coming out of any door to any room or waiting outside any property. How do we know she was a "businesswoman"? We are, I suppose, asked to imagine she has just left, or is about to arrive at, a stressful business meeting.

Venus O'Hara: Irish chain smoker

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

This is the 1st Venus O'Hara video I have seen. I was a little disappointed in that, her having confessed to drinking some wine and there being evidence to support that in the video, she may not have given her clearest points of view and appeared to have some difficulty in articulating some of those points. The description "...chain smoker" also did not seem to be borne out by the on-screen evidence.

Elena: A pleasure burning me inside

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

A charming young lady. However, I'm not sure the age old question along the lines of "how does smoking make you feel?" is one that need be asked so often and to so many models.

Chaim smoking: Iveta interviews Ajda

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

These 2 are probably the most unbalanced interviewer/interviwee pairing it's possible to imagine! Iveta must be among the world's worst interviewers (even when considering that English cannot be her 1st language)but more than makes up for that by showing us an alluring personality and good-natured refusal to allow the interview to die on it's feet. Overall I found the video entertaining. Why not reverse the roles next time so that Iveta has a chance to appear as the dominant participant?

Sweet wake up to the smell of cigarettes

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

An interesting, if a little sappho-erotic and rather unlikely theme for this video from Fran but very well performed by the 2 models.

Gwen: Smoking Interview

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

The content of this video is adequate but not engrossing. I'm afraid that for all Gwen's undoubted attributes I was left with the impression that she didn't really want to participate in the exercise and was simply anwering questions politely rather than keenly.

The beginner gets fully trained

star star star star star by TJ, 11 years ago.

To the doubters among the reviewers who have already posted reviews for this video and it's predecessor: WAKE UP GUYS! Do you really believe that the "beginner" was not already a smoker? These girls are very likely actresses who were given a script- which in my humble opinion they executed really well. In case you still doubt- look at paragraph 1 of the site's home page. As for the videos themselves, In my view my 5 star rating is well deserved. May we see more of either or both of this alluring couple in future please Fran.