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Just WOW

by Steve, One year ago.

Holy Crap! It really does not get any sexier than this!
Gwen is just the ultimate fantasy as far as a smoking partner goes. Beautifully addicted, obviously loves her gorgeous habit and she has a body to die for.


star star star star star by Steve, One year ago.

You really can't beat the appeal and allure of a sexy, seasoned female smoker and Becky has it in droves. Pretty face, gorgeous hair, and a totally sexy body. Her drags are to die for, packing her lungs with as much smoke as she can take with each pull on the filter, fully satisfying her wonderful addiction. Every scene has its own merits. The one of her in bed, topless it beautiful and set to drive any red blooded male with a love of female smokers wild with lust for her.

Just stunning

star star star star star by Steve, 2 years ago.

Rose is, without doubt, the pinnacle in sultry, sexy smoking women. One of my all time, if not my favourite smoking model working today. She is just as beautiful and sexy, if not more so now, than she was in her early videos. Gorgeous long dark hair, dark eyes, a body to die for and a true smoke lover. It could never not be five stars! Not much more I can say, the preview and the pics sell the production on their own.

Stunningly sexy smoker

star star star star star by Steve, 2 years ago.

Mel is just drop-dead stunning without a cigarette, but with she is off the charts. She had the kind of body that would make any straight man weak at the knees. One of the sexiest on here, and that is saying something.

One of the best

star star star star star by Steve, 3 years ago.

I've seen all of Gwen's videos and she is without a doubt one of my favourite models on the site. She is smoking perfection, 36 years-old now and with a body to die for, and one that is addicted to 30 cigarettes a day, what more can you ask for, she has totally beautiful, too.

The outfits and the way she is made up her really highlight what a stunning woman she is, top marks for this one Fran, it's an instant classic.

Top Notch

star star star star star by Steve, 4 years ago.

Wow, what a clip. Both women are incredibly sexy smokers, but for me Sonia is a total dream. I love her hair, body - who wouldn't its hot a fcuk, her tats and of course her smoking. She is a total turn on, dream woman.

One of the best from here and I have a fair few in the collection.