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re: sexy iranian snaps

by South7eventh, 7 years ago.

I agree a wonderful video. She is a very attractive woman and she knows that you are attracted to her . Nothing is hidden here. There are coy smiles to the camera, her explanation of the forbidden fruit of smoking, her history from a very young age her growing addiction can all be similies for sexual activity.

She lies on her bed so relaxed, smokes and talks to you as if you were her lover. ' Have a cigarette with me and then we can begin. I am so used to sucking I want to suck on part of you!!!!!and give you the pleasure I get from smoking'.

I have down loaded parts 2 and 3 I am sure that they are equally as arousing.

True to Life?

star star star star star by South7eventh, 8 years ago.

it seems to me that Eugenia is acting quite naturally here. The cigarette is her constant companion and friend. In her life day to day she would probably have another cigarette than a snack or cup of coffee. She would prefer a cigarette break to a chat with friends. Not as arousing as many other videos on this site but probably an accurate reflection of the real Eugenia.

Sisters should help each other

star star star star star by South7eventh, 8 years ago.

I absolutely loved this video. This is the sort of fantasy that really turns me on. Since the 'novice' is really a willing victim the little aggression shown is acceptable since it leads to satisfaction for both women. The follow up 'shows' no harm was done

I agree that other similar scenarios should be considered in the future,all aspects of the smoking fetish will attract their niche voyeurs. I am just glad to have discovered this great site