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Amazing Sacrifice

star star star star star by Snap Smokers, 4 years ago.

Raquel is amazing, I can't believe I've only just begun to discover her videos. She smokes so powerfully, filling her body full of the noxious pleasure that it craves so badly. You can tell that the smoke is taking it's toll on her - her voice is deep and husky and each cigarette is preceded and followed with strong coughs. It's incredible to see her solution to her protesting airways; filling her ailing lungs with strong tar-filled smoke. Smoke and Raquel are one, together. I don't think they'll ever part.


star star star star star by Snap Smokers, 4 years ago.

Loving the much anticipated return of Mery. You can see she has aged since her last shoot, but it is very much well. Her smoking hasn't slowed down at all. Would've been good to see her keep her belly piercing and hope it's not gone forever! She seems to love to take a selfie and it'd be great to find out her instagram...