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star star star star star by Snap, One year ago.

I very rarely leave reviews, but I had to for this. Simply incredible forceful smoking.
I really hope there is more to come from Wanda (and the cliffhanger ending gives me hope that you have more stashed away?!)


star star star star star by Snap, 5 years ago.

Eugenia is a woman of outstanding natural beauty, and that's not a term that is thrown around a lot. Upon seeing her in the street, you wouldn't think she'd have ever touched a cigarette, but instead she not only smokes, but heavily and powerfully, savouring each nicotine-filled breath. I find it hard to believe that so many beautiful women take up the habit, however they all tend to embrace their addiction, satisfying the body's need for smoke. If only more young girls realised the pleasures of smoking as Eugenia does here.