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re: WOW!

by Smurf, 8 years ago.

I agree! We need a new video of Mireya and a new one of Encarni and Mireya smoking together.

Thanks for this return!

star star star star star by Smurf, 8 years ago.

I suppose Fran wants me to become poor. It's impossible to resist these clips. Which smoking fetish man can resist an attractive heavy smoker who disperately smokes 100's cigarettes? I must add that Encarni looks better than in her last appearence. The previews pictures are incredibly yummy. Apparently she has benefited from her last years of chain smoking. I bet she craves cigarettes all the time. What a woman! She reminds me of her friend Mireya. Their smoking styles are similar. They have the same addiction and passion. I hope to see them again smoking together. They are a wonderful duo. I wish I could be a friend of these sexy heavy smokers. I wouldn't complain about their smoke for sure.

Ariadna is beautiful!

star star star star star by Smurf, 8 years ago.

I haven't bought this clip yet. I know Ariadna because her first video belongs to my collection. I can say that she is a good looking and adorable girl. I think there are some haters who are having fun, giving bad ratings to positive comments. It isn't normal that two enthusiastic comments have five thumbs down. To these people I say: Get a life and don't be ridiculous!

This is art!

star star star star star by Smurf, 8 years ago.

In this video, Rosy provides another great performance. My favourite scene is the first one. In this scene, stunning Rosy pushes her lungs to the limit. I imagine she is not used to smoking so fast but her resistance to this nicotine treatment is good. Her breathing is a little labored but she doesn't appear to be suffering. Just at the end of the video, she slightly coughs. This scene is the proof that Rosy has become quite a heavy smoker. A light or social smoker would not be able to smoke so heavily. I think Rosy is ready to smoke multiple.
In my opinion, the second scene is too weird. Anyway, I appreciate Rosy's will to experiment. Many other models would have probably refused to smoke in this strange way.
The last scene is excellent. I like her dress, her ponytail and the fact that she relaxes after two intense sessions, smoking another cigarette. What an adorable girl!

A new star!

star star star star star by Smurf, 8 years ago.

The pictures clearly say that Nuria's debut was amazing. I have seen she does a bit of everything. Here it is a list of her smoking skills, based on the pictures.

Pics 2 and 28: Hand-free drags and cheek hollowing drags
Pics 11 and 25: Hand-free drags on a freshly lit cigarette
Pic 24: Hand-free drag that makes her cigarette rise up.
Pics 3 and 7: Smoke rings
Pic 5: Snap inhale
Pics 12, 16 and 19: Cone exhales
Pic 23: Chain lightup (absolutely wonderful!)

The only skills I haven't found are: french inhales and multiple smoking. I particularly like her smile in pics number 22 and 27. Smoking and smiling is a perfect combination if the smile is natural. I suppose this is the case because Nuria looks like a very friendly and sweet girl. It is a real joy to know that a girl like her is a heavy smoker. She is 28 years old but her apparent age is 22. I will buy this video soon but I can already say that we need more of her.
PS: I agree with an anonymous reviewer above. Please try to vary your questions. Your interviews would be more interesting. This reviewer gave you a good list. I also gave you some ideas in the forum. The thread is named: "New questions for the interviews".

The most powerful drags ever!

star star star star star by Smurf, 9 years ago.

My comment is based on pictures and description. You wrote that smoking is the most important thing in her life. Picture number six is the proof that you told us the truth. Alexia's drags are so powerful as to change the shape of cigarettes. I had never seen something like that before. It is incredible. This girl is amazing. She isn't only a heavy smoker, she is a goddess. She has nothing to envy to the most beautiful actresses in the world. I have also appreciated the new biography section. I have read that Alexia smokes 30 cigs a day. I think she has the potential to reach Erika's standards. You can be sure that I'll buy this clip. I have decided to buy all the clips of several girls. Alexia is one of them.


by Smurf, 9 years ago.

Iveta is a beautiful woman and a heavy smoker. Personally, I don't like her style because I'm not a lover of french inhales. Anyway I would like to see her again, possibly in group scenes. If you want to talk about models, I suggest joining the forum. This is a space for comments to Valeria's video, for this reason I think we are going off topic.


by Smurf, 9 years ago.

@Tazz: I really don't understand how a fan of Valeria could give one star to her. Has she become uglier? Has she forgotten how to smoke properly? It's true that criticism is good but it must be reasonable. Why should Fran interview Valeria for the third time? I imagine that all the topics have been covered. I partially agree with you when you talk about variety. I miss morning cravings, multiple smoking, group scenes. About mature women, I think Fran is doing his best. In the last year, he filmed Iveta, Valeria, Raquel and Helen. Vanessa and Gwen are experienced smokers too. I think it's difficult to find a large number of mature smokers who are attractive. I also think that young smokers are more popular than the mature ones. Another point I would like to stress is that Fran, in all these years, has done very few videos of sport smoking scenes. This fact makes me think that his models don't feel confortable doing something like that. This isn't strange if we think that heavy smokers don't usually play sports. If a model doesn't like what she is doing, she can't perform well.


star star star star star by Smurf, 9 years ago.

I will buy this clip soon because the pictures are very tempting and I like heavy and experienced smokers like Valeria.
The first review is absurd. Valeria has already given two interviews, so there is no reason to make her repeat the same things. I only agree with last sentence: take your business elsewhere. I hope this review will not discourage people from buying this video.

Another pearl!

star star star star star by Smurf, 9 years ago.

Vanessa is the perfect woman. She is stunning, smokes a lot and with passion. She looks proud to be a heavy smoker. I agree that her style is basic but this is not a problem. I prefer women who smoke like her to women who smoke unnaturally. She inhales deeply, other things are not important. The interview is good but I would have loved to hear something about her black lungs and other dark aspects. Anyway, it was great to discover something about her. I think she is a friendly girl, this fact makes me to appreciate her even more. In conclusion, I suggest doing a video where she smokes with her sister.

Great return!

star star star star star by Smurf, 9 years ago.

Vanessa's return really made my day. I was a little concerned because I knew that you had lost contact with her. I had lost all hope when I read the news of her return. After two years of absence and thousands of cigarettes, I can say that she has become more beautiful than ever. A lot of people say that smoking affects women's beauty, this is not true for Vanessa. The time goes by but she gets hotter and hotter. She has an incredible body and smokes very sexily. Her smoking sounds are simply amazing.

5 stars for 4 stars

star star star star star by Smurf, 9 years ago.

I wish I was there. Teresa's debut is great. She is a very talented smoker. Erika is a wonderful chimney. I bet this woman is able to smoke one pack in a row without feeling bad. I imagine she smells like an ashtray all day long. This may sound disgusting for several people but this is not my case. Her smell must be amazing. I like the fact that when she lights her first cigarette, she removes it from her mouth for the first time after 40 seconds. This is incredible. Alexia's performance is remarkable too. Her dangles are excellent. She smokes sexily even when her mind is focused on explaining the rules of the game. Finally Raquel is my dream woman. She is as beautiful as a fresh rose despite her 20 years of heavy smoking. The only negative aspect is that she rarely speaks. She has a wonderful raspy voice, so I would have asked her to speak more.

Love Carol

star star star star star by Smurf, 12 years ago.

First of all, I have to thank you for making this clip. I'm one of those people who asked you on the forum to film a mother and daughter scene.
I definitely like this clip. I'm not a fan of the mother because I'm not a lover of women much older than me and I don't like the black cigarettes that she smokes in some parts of the video. Anyway I appreciate her experience and the fact that she looks happy to smoke with her daughter.
Carol is absolutely stunning. It's great to see that a beautiful and young girl like her, is a smoker. She can smoke and looks a friendly and sweet girl, I love her smile. I hope to see new clips with this wonderful girl.


star star star star star by Smurf, 12 years ago.

I couldn't wait to watch this clip so I have bought it straightaway. You've had a great idea to film Ajda and Iveta together because I think they are your best models (along with Rosy and Vanessa).
I must say that I hoped to see Ajda again and it's great to see that she's back. I love everything about her and she's incredibly hot with those long cigarettes. The interview is wonderful because she has a beautiful voice and says what a smoking fetisher wants to hear. It's easy to see that she loves smoking. I like when she says that smoking is healthy, she really looks convinced of it. After looking at her body, her face, her skin, I think she's right.
Iveta is the best interviewer you could chose but she doesn't talk about her smoking habit. I propose to make another clip where Ajda interviews her. I hope to see this duo again as these are the women I love: sexy, with a strong addiction and awesome smoking style.