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Has It All

star star star star star by Smokeluver, 11 years ago.

Fran... great job! Jana is awesome! Are you kidding me 19 years old? You need to follow her through the years to see how she matures into a heavier smoker.... looks like she is on the way to becoming hopelessly addicted!

An idea for your next topless shoot.... have the model place unlit cigarettes under the fold of her breast (B cup or bigger needed) and have the model pull the next cigarette to smoke from under her breasts. Unbelieveably sexy!!!

Smoking Starting to Show

star star star star star by Smokeluver, 12 years ago.

Overall an excellent video! Great close ups, hot breast expansion and tits to die for!!!

One thing I noticed... you can tell that her smoking is starting to take a toll on her skin on her face... her profile says she 32 but her smoking exhibits the wear and tear on her body and face. Need to see her again!