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re: At last.

by Smoke2max, 8 years ago.

I could not agree more! I beg to see that ribcage expand into a female smoke chamber to bathe her lungs and heart. I hope to see Franchezca on all fours again soon so we can get that perfect view of those sexy ribs pulling down volumes of pure smoke.

Rosy Extravanganza

star star star star star by Smoke2max, 9 years ago.

Very Artistic and it stimultes that part of my brain that stimulates that lower extremity. Highly Erotic. Just to see Rosy looking to get her lips around the upcoming cig is so evocative. Its Oscar worthy. Rosy smokes better every time. One day, she may catch Vanessa!

Vanessa The Interview

star star star star star by Smoke2max, 9 years ago.

I own all the Vanessa Videos. I agree with every reviewer and thought I would try a diffeent tact and recall some moments in Fran's work with Vanessa so you might try the others: Multiples at Midnight (The first, I believe) has amazing lie on your back and make a chest rise up and fill with smoke about the best of any of her video.In Smoking on the Beach -you guessed body shots. In Shes a Smoking Machine: The best moment ever for me. A Triple Pump in the mirror when Vanessa nearly pops her ribs out of her chest inhaling. A few other notables: In Rising Breast Inhales or Smoking Machin 2 Fran is on the floor filming Vanessa inhaling and you wil never see tits rise up so high as they are blasted with thick smoke! Yes - you can also see Vanessa dance and smoke in Machine 3 I think. I hope the 3rd part has a little of all her work in one!

Bare Chest Rising Inhales/Holds

star star star star star by Smoke2max, 10 years ago.

The sequence when Erika is lying on her back and you can see her bare breast rise up when she inhales is perfection. There is no other video that displays a women expanding her rib cage and filling every sac of her lungs with thick smoke like that. She has cigarette tar in her entire lung system. Her tolerance for nicotine and ability to inhale and hold it without shaking is total addiction.

Now that is what I call chest rising inhales and holds.

Its everything I imagined

star star star star star by Smoke2max, 11 years ago.

Fran, you know every detail how to capture deep, heavy smoking, addiction, strong smoke, quadruple drags, multiple strong cigs and finally MAX 120s - never thought I would see it. How rare and exciting to see Erika handle the power of the feminine, but oh so strong Max 120s. Erika was born to breathe smoke and not air. Her lungs can handle so much - I love her chest rising with thick creamy smoke....held, not exhaled until she begs for oxygen.

Vanessa: Shes a Smoking Machine 2

star star star star star by Smoke2max, 12 years ago.

Best Chest Action and The indisputable QUEEN of this site. She's got it all. I will buy her videos without giving it a second thought. Vanessa would blush if she saw what she does to me!


star star star star star by Smoke2max, 12 years ago.

Fran, you did it again. Love those monstrous, multiples...and then she only exhales a little at a time and pulls it back in for multiple slow recycled exhales! Damn you're good at this. Thanks. Bring her back for other brands. (PS: awesome lighting)