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by Smoke Fetish Lover, 5 years ago.

what a hot hot smoker this girl is - incredibly sexy smoking, she really know how to smoke and make it look good, and the fact that she like to indulge in th other sort of "tobacco" and does openly it in this video just makes her all the more sexy. She loves to dangle her cork cigareetes and take really long hard hands free drags. For me she is the sexiest smoker on this site. You can tell she absolutely loves smoking and loves making it look very very sexy indeed. Wow.......

Berlainy and body painting artists

star star star star star by Smoke Fetish Lover, 7 years ago.

Berlainy is a Very lovely wholesome looking sexy girl and a very sexy smoker - she is the kind of young woman who is the reason other girls take up smoking, because watching her they would know sexy and hot it is!

The other ladies are very appealing as well, and they are both worth their own videos too.

Keep up the good work, and thanks.