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natural exhaler

by Smithbill1000, 4 months ago.

She states on the video that she needs to exhale the smoke to clean out her stress. Thus this beautiful lady matches with the profile of "thick exhaler", rather than "long holder".

She crealy needs it so badly

by Smithbill1000, One year ago.

She clearly needs to smoke cigarettes so badly, in this video it's all about her craving. No need for smoke rigs nor frenches, as you request. We all have different perceptions and turn ons.

Great Full body views!!!

star star star star star by Smithbill1000, 2 years ago.

I've been waiting for so long to watch a video where the FULL BODY of the models is visible as they enjoy smoking. I love the multiple perspectives of the models bodies: front, back and profile, and also the candid atmosphere.

I see each one is having different tastes, and there is not an ideal video that suits all tastes. I only buy videos with full body.

I love that on this clip the models are enjoying and smoking like they do in real life, free from the peer preasure of posing in front of the camera. They candidly exhale large clouds of smoke every second. Pity that their feet and heels appear rarely.

Becky (wow!) deserves a solo video dressed in leather. Glad to see her again after years of absence. Also a video of many of the new models introduced here. But most important of all: please more videos with full-body view like this one showing her heels while smoking.

re: Are the interviews in Spanish?

by Smithbill1000, 9 years ago.

It has English subtitles, you won't miss a word.

breast expansions

star star star star star by Smithbill1000, 11 years ago.

Lovely breast expansions, specially at the first segment of the video. Bitchy, sexy and beautiful 'pettite' body, clearly addicted.


star star star star star by Smithbill1000, 14 years ago.

Vanessa is such a beautiful smoker! It doesn't hurt that she is smoking Reds 100s which is one of my favorite brands to watch women smoke. It is sexy the way she keeps the pack of cigarettes in her bikini during the first half of the video, even when she goes in the water. The chain-light up while in the water was great to see!