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the one and only

star star star star star by Smileyblue, 2 years ago.

This is another masterpiece from SSW. Alexia has evolved so well since her last video, she's more beautiful than ever (and a little skinnier). Her hypnotic beauty and divine sensuality have simply no equal in SF world. This girl and her cigarette are only one. Her mood seems better than in the previous videos and that makes her sexier and more playful (not that I didn't like the darkest feeling she had on ssw21, that brought a very interesting esthetic approach to SF) . As always, the light and the sound are purely superb, we can clearly hear the loud and endless inhales that Alexia offers us all along the way... Thank you SSW. Every video you produce is a real gift. Of course, we 'd all enjoy a higher pace of release but anyway, the most important thing is that the site stays alive !

she's back.

star star star star star by Smileyblue, 5 years ago.

thank you fran for continuing the great work and bringing back Rosy ! It may not be her best video here but she's still so sensual and incredibly beautiful that she deserves no less than 5 stars again. I'm sure I'm not the only one here that can never get enough of rosy so I really hope she'll be back again very soon with a longer video !!

everything's perfect but

star star star star star by Smileyblue, 7 years ago.

the only bad point of this is now we gonna have to wait for months until next rosy's video... //


star star star star star by Smileyblue, 7 years ago.

one can never grow tired of the outrageously beautiful Rosy. the last part with the swimsuit is probably the sexiest scene ever filmed with her. the previous scenes are more common but still pure moments of sexy power-smoking with frequent double and triple drags and the fabulous 'dangling + multiple drags' combo that rosy has developped in her latest vids. Just one regret for me : she still can't do french inhale (next vid ?...) thank you Fran and Rosy for this outstanding work !

top notch

star star star star star by Smileyblue, 8 years ago.

to me Alba definitly enters SSweeties top 3 hall of fame, along with rosy and alexia. incredibly good looking girl with very classy smoking style... too bad that the scene with the black T-shirt is not developped... really good job anyway Fran. undoubtedly she has to come back very soon...