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re: you are out of touch

by Sir D., One year ago.

Perhaps I'm wrong and I am sorry, there is nothing really wrong with new models as long as they are talented smokers. The worst thing for me is I just keep waiting and waiting hoping to see a return from an old favorite. I know that sometimes it is impossible to get a model to return which is sad, because I would love to know how Iris, Elaheh, Elsa are doing these days. Part of the fetish for me is seeing the effects that the smoking has had on the models over time, one can only imagine how amazing Elaheh's voice has become after so many years of heavy smoking, or what does Elsa look like after many years.

Then there are models that are under-represented on the site such as Eli, yet we have quite a few videos of Lorena (who is a fine model) but she is simply not as sexy as Eli. I really feel like with a little training Eli could blow away most of the models on the site (she is compact and sexy as hell and really seems to love smoking). Along these lines why are there such limited shots of Alba, Deborah, Dessi, Elena, Jen, Sheila or Mireya. Alba was a fantastic smoker and had a lot of potential, Deborah was an ultimate milf and knew how to use her seduction, Elena seems to love smoking and is one of the sexiest smokers ever (It has been soooo many years since we seen her), Jen also seems to love smoking and has a really intense exhale style, Sheila was fantastic and seemed very friendly a real underdog model, but Mireya... she is very special, not only is her style perfect but her personality seems so warm and fun and what an amazing smile. I would love to see Mireya after all these years, even a reunion with her and Encarni would be top notch.

Also where is Erika she has not had a new video in years. Erika and Alazne are the 2 heaviest and most intense smokers on the site, the only other model that even comes close in terms of power is Encarni (which I must hay her newest video is some of SSWs finest work).

It's not that I don't like the new content, it's that the updates are so few and far between that it feels like the older models will never get returned too. Some of the new models are in fact great Sabrina and Irene are both very good and Lola has shown that she is a true smoking goddess as well.

There are always the favorites like Gwen, Rosy, Franchesca, and Vanessa. It's always nice to see them return as well Vanessa might be the sexiest smoker of all time.

I guess I am out of touch and it was an unfair assessment. I do feel that SSW has changed over the years and I just don't feel that the real passion is there like it used to be. I get it we all have to focus on real life before hobbies, SSW has provided the best content around for many years and I hope it is around for many more. I look forward to all updates even if one is not up to my liking I will simply pass and wait because I know the future will hold great possibilities.

Pretty good

star star star star star by Sir D., One year ago.

Her natural looks while pretty are not my thing. I prefer to see the model wear makeup, her smoking on the other hand is superb. she is a pro with many years of smoking skill. She could be the new Helen and I would not mind if she returned again. This is SSW on the right path.

you are out of touch

star star star star star by Sir D., One year ago.

Out of touch with your fan base. I'm sure this girl is fine and I'm sure someday I will buy her clip, however we would have rather had a visit from Alazne, Mireya, Encarni, or Vanessa. Why keep presenting new models that cannot live up to the expectations that you set with your tried and true models (unless their smoking skills are comparable or exceed your old models). It's very annoying to have your hopes set on something for years and to never have it delivered. SSW has produced some of the finest smoking clips ever over the years, models like Erika (Andrea), Alazne, Vanessa, Gwen, Mireya, Encarni, Sheila, Rebecca, Eli are top tier legends. Why not bring them back more often, they are already used to the camera. It would not be such a big deal if the sight was updated more than 4-6 times a year. I just feel like at this point the passion is not there which is why I buy less and less clips.

re: What about the others?

by Sir D., One year ago.

I'd be fine with practically nothing but Vanessa videos. She is a legend

re: Outstanding

by Sir D., 2 years ago.

Does this video have any of Vanessa's famous wet sounding coughs in it? Money is tight now and I want to be sure it has something that I'm interested in before buying it. If not I'll hold off for now and get it later.

re: Important detail

by Sir D., 3 years ago.

I could not agree more! I hate when models waft out half the smoke leaving it uninhaled. Vanessa doesn't do it as often as some other models, Ariadna did it almost every time she inhaled and it really ruined her videos for me. I want to see the models sucking the smoke deep into their lungs letting a bunch of smoke just escape seems pointless to me as it defeats the entire point of smoking.

Gwen tried and true

star star star star star by Sir D., 3 years ago.

Gwen looks great in this video as usual, I like this hair style and her body is looking fantastic. She takes some deep drags and you can see that she really still loves to smoke, she doesn't do anything too fancy and the smoking is pretty ordinary it looks natural, which is fine. She seems happy and appears to enjoy smoking for us in this video, I really loved the scenes where she is wearing the leather jacket, watching her perfect breasts rise on each inhale is a pleasure. Gwen is always a worthy addition to the ever growing collection.

Very nice girl

star star star star star by Sir D., 4 years ago.

I didn't have high expectations for this video when I read that she only smoked for 2 years. I was so wrong, she is already a pro and does some of the best french inhales I have seen in a long time. What I mean to say is Kalina is a fantastic smoker and will only become better with time.

She has a very natural beauty about her and very defined features, she might be a beginner in terms of time but she smokes with the expertise of a person who has smoked at least a decade. Another superb video well worth the money.

She is worth it

star star star star star by Sir D., 5 years ago.

Mery is looking great in this video. Love scenes 3,4,5 her curvy body... words just can't describe her. The nice little preview clip included with the pictures compelled me to buy the full video because I just had to see more. Production is topnotch and I actually enjoy the double frame segments with one half of the frame zoomed in and the other half at body shot size, it's a great touch. One thing that has sadly been missing from SSW videos lately is the coughing segments that many people really enjoyed. Looking back at the old clips in my collection many of the models featured wonderful smokers coughs; Helen, Vanessa, Erika and Dessi come to mind. I must say I am a bit sad that these segments seem to be removed or non existent in all the new productions and I would love to know why. I was really looking forwards to hearing if Vanessa had made any progression over the years. I am not let down with the production or the beauty of the models in anyway and It's clear to see that SSW is only improving as time goes on. As for Mery it was worth every cent and I would totally buy it again.

re: My points of view.

by Sir D., 5 years ago.

Because normal guys like to see boobs, coats are for outside, and you are dumb.


star star star star star by Sir D., 7 years ago.

bring back vanessa or alazne. she is fine but i need power smoking woman.

Nice change of pace

star star star star star by Sir D., 7 years ago.

This is a great change of pace for our bros who are into beautiful ebony women. This is something that is oddly lacking in the smoking fetish community overall. However I find the body paint to be a bit too bright, which is distracting too me.

One of the best.

star star star star star by Sir D., 8 years ago.

Raquel is special, over 22 years she has developed an amazing style, and there is no doubt she is very sexy for her age.

The scene where she was writing down notes was actually my favorite, her smoking was just so natural looking. I'm glad there are still women like this out there somewhere.

Great video over all and a must for those into sexy mature women.

Nuria is amazing

star star star star star by Sir D., 8 years ago.

So good to see Nuria back for round 2. She clearly loves to smoke. Just wish she reached for a reds instead of the golds. Either way video features good exhales and a girl that truly enjoys her habit.

re: Monnie

by Sir D., 8 years ago.

I don't have a problem with smoke stained teeth however I do have a problem with neglected teeth, you can actually see plaque built up in the crevices between her teeth. I didn't want to say that because I didn't want to offend or turn off anyone in my review. To me it shows that a woman is trying to impress when she takes the time to get glammed up, I see normal dressed women everyday. However your right sometimes it's also nice to see them in a natural everyday setting and of coarse the most important aspect is how they smoke.

SF perfection

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Most ppl here are just happy to see Rosy make another visit, but to me the real winner in this video is Desiree. Desi has a fun attitude and has pretty good smoking skills. Her exhale style is also worth mentioning because she produces a loud wooosh sound with each long mouth exhale. Both the women in this video are pros no doubt, and I like the idea that Rosy introduced Desiree to smoking. If I had to guess the future I would predict Desiree being the long term smoker and Rosy giving it up eventually as a passing phase. I would be happy to see a solo video of Desiree in the future because I think she has a lot of potential. Rosy on the other hand seems to be getting a bit bored with the videos. Either way this is a great video and I'm glad I purchased it, even if I am running a bit behind.


star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Sorry on my delayed review.
Gwen will always be one of the top SmokingSweeties models. I enjoyed this videos artistic qualities, and I found the paint job to be very interesting. It reminded me of a Tim Burton movie, it was dark in nature and was a huge contrast against Gwens stunning beauty. Now on to the smoking, it's great as always. The surprise for me was the girl in the black glasses, not because of her smoking ability so much, but because I found her to be very attractive in a nerdy yet still sexy kind of way. With a little coaching so could hold a video all on her own. Anyway I like where SSW is heading with the experimental art direction and I think this video was pretty awesome overall.

I like it

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

I think the concept is really neat, Silvia always seemed to enjoy smoking and now she is training her younger sister how to fully enjoy her new habit. It's come a full circle when you think about it, just a few years ago Silvia was the teen just getting into smoking, and now she is the woman training the teen to embrace her habit. This is how it should be, smoking is something that should be enjoyed and I think a lot of smokers forget that. Society loves to punish smokers and make them feel guilty about their habit and I think that is a shame, because I think that more woman would openly display their love for smoking if the attitude of general society was not so negative.

Overall this clip looks amazing and is just another example of why SmokingSweeties is the best.

i dig it

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Iris sets cigarettes on fire in this video and smokes them. She is very good at breathing in the smoke that is caused when tobacco leaves are combusted. When she breaths out you can see the unabsorbed smoke coming out of her face and filling up all the air. This video also has a lot of light in it, which is good because in the dark you can only see black. You also get to see some boobies which is pretty cool because they are subliminal and look happy. Sometimes she takes an iron and flattens out cloths and I think, I wish I had one of her to flatten out my cloths because, flat cloths are more impressive then crumpled ones. She is pretty too when I first seen her I whistled, for a cab and when
it came near the license plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror, if anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Bel-air!

Erika destroyer of cigarettes

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Cigarettes run in fear at the meer mention of her name, she has been known to destroy 3 or 4 of them in a row and shows no signs of remorse.

Pretty good

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

I like this girl but I don't like how she wafts out most of the smoke before she inhales. This technique of smoking has always annoyed me, its seems like such a waste. However she makes up for it with her beauty.

This woman

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

is amazing, she seems fun and friendly and has a fantastic smoking style. She is one of the few models that knows how to correctly smoke 2 cigarettes at the same time, and does so in public not caring what people will think when she does it. I don't know why she never became more popular on the site but I suspect she was overshadowed by Vanessa at the time. For those of you who missed this woman, her clips are all very good and worth purchasing.

pretty good

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Encarni, has a very intense smoking style which is a pleasure to watch. My only wish is that she was a little more glamorous in this video. I know this is my gripe and that a lot of guys enjoy the natural look and that is nice, but when a girl is all made up it seems special to me, it's like she is going the extra mile to impress. My favorite clip of Encarni is in her first clip when she is wearing red lipstick and doing amazing nose exhales while dangling her cigarette. Over all though I really enjoyed this clip.

Very good

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Very good smoking from the new comer Imane. While the photos are nice you have to see her in motion to truly see how beautiful she is. I loved watching her residual exhales while giggling, it seemed that she was totally unaware that smoke was still pouring from her beautiful body. I also felt that her smoking was very natural and you can tell that she really enjoys it, even though she must feel a bit a guilt about her habit. Overall I was actually more impressed with Imane then I though I would be from the video captures. She is friendly, knows that she is beautiful but does not come off as being conceited, and loves to smoke.

This is one of my favorite videos of the year so far and it's really been a great year at SmokingSweeties.

The ultimate smoking goddess

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

To me Alanze is very beautiful. I have been involved in the smoking fetish community for about 20 years and have watched thousands of videos over those years. None of those girls can compare to Alazne and very few even come close. She can take in a tremendous amount of smoke, and it is believable that she smokes like this in everyday life. When she speaks you can hear her voice is smoke tinged and ultra sexy, her teeth are stained but that just shows her love for smoking is sincere. It helps that she looks like and even more beautiful version of Liv Tyler and her body is much better. Out of my entire smoking video collection my clips of Alazne are my most prized. I'm sure she is aware that smoking is harming her health but I wonder how she feels about it, does she lay in bed a little short on breath every night thinking that maybe she should quit smoking or cut back, her last thoughts before she sleeps, only to succumb to the urge to light up first thing in the morning when she wakes up. I may never know but I can dream. To me there is no better I feel that Alazne is truly the best.

Intense smoking from such a beauty.

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Alexia is looking as beautiful as ever and smokes fantastic in this video. I was sad to hear that she is depressed often, but i'm glad that cigs can give her a release. I hope that she finds happiness someday ,because she truly is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. I loved watching her smoke so intensly, her triple drag was amazing and her nose exhales must have hit the floor. I bet every man has to stop in their tracks when they see her walk by. Superb effort from SmokingSweeties and Alexia this one is worthy of being in every collection.

The goddess

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Gwen is always amazing, and i'm very glad that you decided to film her again. I loved the scenes of her wearing the baseball hat. It is true that Gwen's smoking skills are often underrated, as she is in the top 5 smokers on the site in both terms of style and beauty. Her beauty can only be described as perfection... I personally would not describe her as mature but as a woman in her prime with many beautiful years ahead of her. Thank you for another memorable clip.

This one is good...

star star star star star by Sir D., 9 years ago.

Really good. Alba is one sexy smoking woman. Her inhales are very deep and her exhales go on for a long time. I'm not a huge fan of the string smoking thing, id rather just see the girl dangle her cigarette, but I dig the creativity. Also not a fan of her smoking light cigarettes but that's more a personal preference. All that aside Alba is amazing and to me ranks up there with Helen, Alazne, and Vanessa in terms of smoking skill. Would love too see more of her and hope you have her return, I think she has potential to be one of the best smokers on the site. Thanks for the great video.

amazing as always

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Helen is a truly fantastic smoker and a very beautiful woman on top of it all. Her style... perfect, her addiction is apparent. Amoung the best in the world for sure. Thank you for the fantastic show.

Hire this girl full time

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Erika would make a great smoking coach for new models. She knows exactly what we like too see. She appears her most beautiful to date in this fantastic video.

sporked to death

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Just a few final points from me and I'm done.
1) Nice come back man that is like "Your mom is fat" and your like "Nuh uh your mom is fatter" really quite a captivating retort.
2) At least I have a name mr/mrs "Anonymous" (I'm thinking mrs, cause you act like a bitch)
3) Who said anything about smoking 6 cigarettes at a time, other then yourself?
4) I'm not the one controlling what is and is not popular on the site. I'm sure SmokingSweeties bases the "most popular" section on which clips have sold the best. Which (and I don't know how many times I have to say this...) happens to be the girls that smoke the best.
I have purchased 140 clips from this site and highly reguard SSW work as the best material ever produced.
Guess I'll end off by saying to each his own, but I will not purchase a clip just because a girl has a pretty face, she has to have good smoking skills to go along with it.

Answering Anonymous

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Anonymous appears to have an entire bag of dicks crammed in his ass: apparently he seems to think that he knows exactly what Sir D want's when, in fact, a more objective perspective may be called for.
The facts simply do not lie. Take a look at the popular videos and what models have been most popular in the past and present. Hint... it is the girls that can smoke... not the girls with pretty faces that suck at smoking. Now in a perfect world we can have both. Alazne, Franchezca, and Vanessia are good examples of this.
So you say "Apparently he likes to see comic book-like scenarios of women engaging in unrealistic scenarios which border on the ludicrous." Yeah WTF is that supposed to even mean, I never seen any smoking fetish material in any comic book.
You have the nerve to judge people who take pleasure in something that you find unrealistic yet you are consuming the same material.
Good for you if you like to see pretty girls smoke ,almost everyone here does. What I'm simply saying is that there are tons of smoking fetish video producers on the market and almost any of them can bring you attractive girls smoking in a "regular" way. I dont know how dense you have to be to not understand that you pompous pretentious.

Answering to James West

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

The target audiance has already spoken. Why do you think Alazne, Helen, Erika, and Vanessa have become some of the best selling clips... just click the "top rated clips" link and see. The answer is because these girls can smoke better then average.
To me the darkside is a combination of reveling in her addiction and at the same time knowing that she is taking a risk and is ok with that, even though it might come back to get her in the end..
Now I have nothing against just watching a pretty girl smoke normally, but like I said I can see that anywhere even in the US. To me what makes smokingsweeties special is that here we can see a woman smoking with an intensity that you rarely find else where.

Agree with Tazz

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

We can see pretty girls smoking almost anywhere. What really makes smokingsweeties special is that it has the potential to offer something that other sites can't.
Things like, Sophie power smoking a cigarette and then saying she felt dirty and yet refreshed at the same time, Stefi taking massive tripple drags from her cigarette while making perfect eye contact with the cam, Helen smoking her entire cigarette and never pausing to ash till the end, Sara with her loud woosh sounds when she forcefully exhales. The newest Alexia clip captured what I love about smoking sweeties perfectly. Just a pretty girl taking in as much smoke and nicotine into her lungs as she possibly can.
I feel that the target audiance of this site would agree that the darker side of the smoking fetish is what makes this site special. Just watching a couple of pretty girls with average smoking skills does not do it for us.
Fran has brought us some truly amazing stuff and I hope he continues to do so.


star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Love this clip. Alexia's smoking has improved greatly. You can tell she really knows what her smoking is doing to us and is loving every min of it.

Every one should buy this clip. She looks great and smokes wonderfully. Can't wait for me of this beauty.

Beautiful mature smoker

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Raquel looks her best in this video and her smoking is great as always. Only a few complaints though, she looks a bit uncomfortable when she is smoking 2 at the same time and does not finish the cigarettes fully. The other thing is Raquel has the most perfect smokers voice, yet we hardly hear anything from her.

I don't mind subtitles as long as we can hear her sexy voice, I would have loved to see a more indepth interview even if it recovered things from her first video.

Overall though, I think anyone who enjoys to see a beautiful mature smoking will enjoy this sensual woman.

Not bad

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

This clips is actually pretty good, Anna has wonderful profile exhales in a few of the segments. She also smokes very well for her age. However she does lack the intensity that some of the smokingsweeties girls have. Not saying her smoking is bad by any measure but she could learn a thing or two from watching some of the more experienced models.

Good god though... Anna has one smokin' hot body, she would turn my head even if she was not smoking if I walked by, and I might just break my neck if she was :P

Overall just a great clip.

Very nice

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Amazing video, she inhales so much smoke that she often cannot clear her lungs all in one exhale. Her smoking is very loud and she loves to put an emphasis on the exhale sounds, the secondary exhale sounds are my favorite (hard to describe but you will know what I mean when you listen too them). This is surely the best new model of 2012 so far.

I have not seen a girl smoke this well since Alazne and would love to see Sara back. This clip is a winner and this girl is facking awesome.

my goddess

star star star star star by Sir D., 10 years ago.

Was revisiting this video today and wanted to clear up something. Alazne is direct inhaling, not filling her throat and nose with "pre smoke" (as stated by deep inhale) this can be seen clearly at 11min:30sec into the video, watch as her chest heaves slightly with each inhale. She is pulling in a massive amount of smoke, more then any other model I have ever seen handle. Then to top it off she often on her final drag breaths all the smoke in as deep as she can.

The sound in this video is fantastic. I found it particularly erotic to be able to hear the wheezing sounds her lungs sometimes make when she inhales.

I know she hesitated to do this video but not filming her again would be a crime to the smoking fetish world. Please Fran bring us more Alazne.

Don't miss this one guys, I have had this fetish for over 18 years and never seen a girl smoke this well.

pure awesome

star star star star star by Sir D., 11 years ago.

Words can't really describe this video but I'll give it a shot. Alexia looks great in every scene and her smoking is sexy throughout. It is true that she inhales more deeply in some segments but her smoking is superb overall. Also would have liked to seen her smoking something a little stronger but the lights didn't really detract from the allure.

We have another smoking star for sure and I would love to see Alexia come back again for another video.

Also want to send a thanks to Fran and the editor, lighting was excellent and the editing was done well also. My only complaint is that I'm not a big fan of the perspective changing mid drag. Even so the editing is done tastefully and professionally.

Thank you all for another great video.

As good as it gets

star star star star star by Sir D., 11 years ago.

Alazne smokes awesome in this video! My favorite scenes are the ones where she wears the red "Boston 77" shirt. Her beauty is natural yet stunning at the same time, a look that very few women can pull off. I think that Fran has found us perfection in this women, both terms of beauty and smoking. I highly recommend this video. I hope that Alazne decides to visit us again in the future.

not bad

star star star star star by Sir D., 11 years ago.

Always nice too see Silvia back at SmokingSweeties. She puts in a pretty good effort in this video, and it should be of special interest too those that requested smoking while drinking. She inhales and then takes a drink quite a few times in this video, sometimes holding the smoke in her lungs for a good 5+ seconds. I was not a fan of her sniffing the smoke directly from the lit cigarette, and she does that so many times in this video (I hope this trend does not continue). I can't really say what it is but I feel like something was missing from this video, though it was still nice too see Silvia again.

Good video but

star star star star star by Sir D., 11 years ago.

I would have liked to see Encarni a bit more made up. Compared too her first clip she looks rather natural. I can see how some would enjoy seeing her natural beauty though. The addition of lipstick and perhaps some nails would have made this video for me. The editing in this video is nice though (I enjoyed the multi view perspective) and Encarni smokes just as good as she did before. I would buy another video of Encarni smoking in the future for sure and this one is def worth my time.

good stuff

star star star star star by Sir D., 11 years ago.

It is great to see Helen back again.

Thank you Helen and Fran for the fantastic video, you both went out of your way to make it as excellent as possible. Being able to ask for requests before the shoot was a great idea also. This is why smokingsweeties will remain #1 SF site.


star star star star star by Sir D., 12 years ago.

Sephora blew me away with her smoking style combined with her sexy looks. Her nose is of particular interest too me as I find that type to be very attractive. My only wish would be too see her with her natural black hair, not that the black and blond combo does not work for her, it is just not my thing. The gloves are also a bit weird but they did not really distract me too much. I love how she pulls off a slightly exaggerated smoking style with such ease, and her few dangles were excellent. Would love to see this goddess again in the future.

P.S. Love all the clips with nose exhales keep them comming :)