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Great Video

star star star star star by Simon, 7 years ago.

First of all Berlainy is absolutely beautiful. I love "chocolate girls" like her. The solo scene at the beginning is absolutely breathtaking. Great residual exhales while singing.

I cannot understand either why the first three reviews are only about the painters. Of course all three of them are great and have their own beautiful smoking style. And that makes the video so good.

re: re: This is what I call SMOKING!

by Simon, 7 years ago.

I cannot understand it either. You made a perfect description. I completely agree with your opinion.

And since the re-rendering of the clip, the quality is as perfect as ever.

A Real Smoking Sweetie

star star star star star by Simon, 8 years ago.

Wow, I'm in love. Diana has such a beautiful and sexy smoking style. She's the definition of this sites name, a real smoking sweetie. Diana is just new to this site and I'm already looking forward to see her in the next video.

re: Lola

by Simon, 8 years ago.

I also was a little confused that there were no reviews at first. But I bought the clip anyway because I know Tony is the best on the net. If I like the look of a woman I buy the clip almost instantly. And I like Lola a lot. No money wasted at all. :-) She has a different style (she inhales with her mouth nearly closed but open enough to see the smoke going down) than the other models but I love it.

Same for me, I don't need the opening sequence but I just skip it when watching the clip in future.

Beautiful Women in Full HD

star star star star star by Simon, 8 years ago.

I've always loved Silvia and own all 3 videos of her. But with her sister Dafne she is even better. As I watched the clip I was really flabbergasted. Dafne is so beautiful and has such wonderful eyes. And she is a natural in smoking, doesn't look like a beginner at all.

Please Fran, give us more of these wonderful sisters. :)

Another favorite of mine

star star star star star by Simon, 9 years ago.

Wow! I already loved Alexia in her first two videos, but this one ist really the best.

I have to quote the review of Hakan Wikell for the last video: "This is too much. Are you trying to kill me Fran?"

This is the best I've seen on this site. Franchezca was my very favorite until now, she has to part this status with Alexia. I want to see more of both of them.

Thank you Fran for this masterpiece.

The best smoking woman on the net

by Simon, 9 years ago.

I have bought many smoking fetish clips and images, but Franchezca is my all time favorite. You can really see that she truly LOVES smoking. I love to see how she grabs the smoke with her left hand at the end of the scenes. :-)
Really can't to see the next video of her. Everytime a new video is released I just push the download button right away.

Most powerful drags

star star star star star by Simon, 11 years ago.

Wow, what a video. I think I've never seen those powerful drags before. She gets as much smoke as possible from one drag. I just miss a little more open mouth inhales. But nevertheless this "smoking machine" is a must have for all lovers of heavy smoking.