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Alexia; pure smoking goddes

star star star star star by Sfet76, 10 years ago.

Last week i was watching the first alexia video, really enjoying to look at this beautiful girl destroying her cigarettes... and i was hoping for a new video with her.... a week later i checked the smoking sweeties site for an update and i fall down to the floor when i saw Alexia!! An new Video!! YES!!! inmidiatly downloaded this video and watch it...over and over again...
Alexia is a true power smoking goddes, her style is amazing, double,triple drags, thick nose exhales,the style i totally prefer... i love this video, what a woman!!!

I hope to see her in a third video, she have to come back!! i hope
that we can see more sideviews from her in bright light, then her nose/mouth combo exhales are comming totally to their right and also those amazing nose exhales...Alexia is the new standard to powersmoking fetish.....this is what we need!!
Thanx again Fran,unbelieveble.....WOW!!!

Anna MC

star star star star star by Sfet76, 10 years ago.

Anna is on first sight....she is georgeous, breathtaken....her perfect smile, her perfect boobs, everything.....i think i'm in love Fran! hahaha..And, this beauty is 19 years old...and she smokes like a pro!! very good exhales,mouth and nose, even some double drags..And nice snap inhales...

How could you resist a girl like her??? the answer? NOT!!

Please bring her back!!

Great quality video again, as usual,it's the smoking sweeties Standard.

Totally love it!! thanks again Fran!! great one!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 10 years ago.

Isabel, georgeous woman, Fantastic style...the first video was good, this one is even better!!! Her style is great, nose/mouth exhales, double pumps, a real chain smoker with power smoking vibes!! i really love this video!

The quallity is absolute fantastic, very nice background light, lot's of side views...this is for me how a smoking fetish video has to be.
Smoking Sweeties is THE standard to smoking fetish videos..

Thank you Fran, thank you, you rule!!

The chimney girls

star star star star star by Sfet76, 10 years ago.

Hell yeah..Chimney girls they are!!
Right after the great mireya video we have another video with powersmoking!!! i love this so much!!! two nice models, with great styles....what an amount of smoke they produce together!! incredible!!! perfect side views again,smoking sweeties,still my favorite!!!!! thnx Fran..again ans again!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 10 years ago.

OMG!! Mireya looks so good in this video!! and her smoking is fantastic,power smoking to the max! i loved the side views in heavy background light and her enormous nose exhales....Maybe we had to wait a long time for a new update,but it was totally worth it!! YHNX fran and Mireya,please come back!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

I liked her in the video Rosie & friends,so i'm glad you did a solo video with her!
I'm not the man of the deep inhales, but Dessi shows them with a great style, what i liked about this video? The side views and the dangling/powersmoking at the end..she is capable to powersmoke,and that's great for a woman like Dessi with all her's a turn on. highlights: Her nose exhales and dangling and nose/mouth exhales at the end with the bright light...simply i love it to see!!
Thnx Fran, again!


by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Alexia,an angel from the smoking sweeties heaven....
Those lips, those eyes, those breasts,this unbelieveble beautie..
She blows me away with her perfect dangling,nose exhales,double/triple drags, fantastic nose-mouth combo's,open snap inhales..
I can't get enough from her..i watched the video over and over again.
Good lightning,great side views, you are a true winner Fran!!
The best video in 2011!!! can you beat this one in 2012??


Please bring her back in another session, if you don't do that you will torture the whole smoking sweeties fanbase! :-)

"Alexia: pure smoking glamour" is a MUST HAVE!!!

Thnx alexia,thnx suprise me every time...unbelieveble!

Erika: the definition of a power smoker

star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Just amazing.....The third video of Erika is incredible, almost insane!! In her first two videos we see she's a powersmoking dreamgirl, and in this one...she goes furter than that!!
Erika's inhales and exhales are too crazy, can you believe it that a girl like her actually is smoking like this?? When you see the pictures you can think it's not true...Well, see the video!1 IT IS TRUE!!!

Double,triple drags,mouth,nose Mouth/nose exhales, she does everything, Room filling exhales,unbelievable to see, this is another great video, Erika is one of the best powersmokers you can see on the net,she looks great in this video.
I liked the last scene in the door with the bright light,especially the side views where you can see the amazing thick smoke pouring from everywhere!!
Thnx Erika,Thnx Fran!!! fabulous video again!!!!

Rym, a dreamgirl next door!!

by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

O my god!!
Rym, what a beauty!!! i was totally blown away when i saw her video!!
Her style is awesome, exact what i like to see!!!
Bring her back please ans she is from France isn't? well maybe you could let her smoke this French cigarettes, you know, the blue pack with the viking helmet on it!!( my brand) Then she will score 150 out of 100 points to me!! Thnx Fran, thnx for this beautiful angel!!!!!


by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Alesia is georgeous!!!she reminds me a little bit of Sophie, her style is great i hope we can see more of her in the future,i enjoyed the video very much!! thnx Fran!

this is how it must be done

by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Raquel shows how a powersmoker must be,This is total dedication to smoking, great video, great job Fran!! thnx!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

I didn't see this one comming!!
Damn! Krystal is f***ing Beautiful!!!
Her Enourmous drags are incredible....sometimes she inhales and inhale a second time to take the smoke deep inside...
Her inhales are great, thick smoke, i love it! and she does nose exhales,it's a must!And her breasts..."o my god!!!"
Great video again Fran, THNX!!! Please do a second movie with her!!

She can always shower at my place!! that's for sure!!! :-)


star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Another great video from Jessi,her natural style is fantastic and she looks like the girl next door...smoking 40 a day....what a woman! thanx again Fran!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.

Georgeous Jen is back!! I liked her first video a lot,so i was exited to see this new one..
Well,Fran, you did a great job again!! this is the kind of video i like to see!Good back ground lighting and sound,perfect!
And then Jen...what an amazing woman!pretty,funny and a true powersmoker! , her exhales are unbeleveble,nose exhales,combo exhales,double pumps, she does it al on a natural way.
Jen is making love to her cigarettes, so don't miss this video!
thanx Fran and Jen, hope to see her back !

The almighty Alazne

star star star star star by Sfet76, 11 years ago.


Alazne blows my mind in her first video powering her Lucky Strikes,now in the second video she did the same torturing her Camels...Her style is unbelieveble heavy,exact the way it should be in my opinion,there is only one conclusion to this video:
It's a masterpiece! it's gonna be a smoking sweeties classic, and when you are a smoking sweeties fan you should have this one in your collection, if you are not a fan, it's a must have!
Alazne is a true smokin sweetie,her style is mindblowing,the settings are great,the backgroundlightning is great,thnak you Fran,you did a hell of a great job again!

I hope Alazne is coming back in the future,maybe you can let her smoke some Gauloises blondes or Davidoff classic...that would be awesome
From the bottom of my smoking heart: thank you Fran!!!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

Wow i like those hard drags on her cigarette!! another nice one Fran!! Thnx!!!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

Hell yeah!!I don't know how you find these girls Fran,but it's amazing!!So..keep them coming!!
Natia is a wonderfull girl next door type with an amazing smoking technic,beautiful long mouth exhales-mouth/nose exhales-nose exhales-free hand smoking-dangles-little snap inhales,she does it all! I really enjoyed watching this girl smoke!she's a natural beauty.
Highlight of this video is the duo scene with her cute friend,so hot and great background lightning..i just love to that!!Her friend is also a good smoker,the open mouth exhales and creamy smoke she exhales are very nice!
another masterpiece of Fran's hands,keep up the good work Fran , Smoking Sweeties is becoming a true statment in the smoking fetish scene!!!

Thnx for all those great models and videos!!
greetzz, smoking sweeties fan


star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

WOW!!!! Another great job Fran!!! it'is getting better and better and better,Smoking sweeties is the place to be!

Erika: Please come back!! you are a heavy smoker with an amazing style of inhale,my eyes couldn't believe what they saw,and you exhales..what a volume!! Mouth,nose,combi exhales,you got everything!!!Great job!! you also like heavy cigarettes? Suggestion; Maybe you consider a come back and than with unfiltered cigarettes ? You are a very pretty woman with an amazing style and sexy body,please give us more to enjoy!

Erika & Fran, thank you very much,smoking fetish as it's used to be!


Rosy double drags

star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

Wow!! Rosy is back again! and she continues where she stops in the last video!! great work again!! 2 great videos in a week,the elsa video and this one are absolute art! thnx Fran!

Elsa,the nostril queen

star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

FRAN!!! Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!! You did bring back Elsa!!!
I'm addicted to her,in the video we see that she deserve that crown!
Another great one of Elsa,i hope we see her back in a new one,she absolute fantastic!!!Her style of smoking is really amazing,how she does that?!!??!! what i said..i'm addicted to her!! And now please bring back the georgeous Sophie and than i'm really happy! :-) ( in my fantasies i see Elsa,Sophie and Vanessa in one movie..can we handle so much smoke? I think it's a yes!)
Thnx for this great video!


star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

Stunning girl with a great natural heavy smoking style!!
great video...again!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx!

Is this possible?

star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

My review title sais it all...The first thing i tought when i saw the video was: "is this possible??"
Okay,first of all,we know that Vanessa is a great model with an amazing style of smoking,in this video she looks hotter than ever,her hair in a bun,so you can see the smoke perfect out of her mouth and nose...and what an amount of smoke...just incredible..i think this is the best Vanessa video ever!!!!! The back lightning and sound is also great,for a real smoke fetisher is this what we want to see!not only the model and smoking is perfect,even the quality of the movie is outstanding!

Thnx Fran,what an amazing video!! please bring back Sophie and Elsa in a video like this one!!!
I'm addicted! cheers! sfet76


star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

This unbelieveble amazing...I love the other Sophie video,but this one...powersmoking to the maxxxxxx....i hope we can see her in much more videos in the future....Sophie is one of the best on smoking sweeties!!

Thnx Fran!!! i live for this!

Defenitly the nose exhale queen!!!

star star star star star by Sfet76, 12 years ago.

Another great Elsa video..those nose exhales are amazing!!!
and she is a real nose exhale queen!!
Thanx Fran,keep up the good work!! i love the smoking sweeties!!

Bring back Elsa please..and in my dreams i see her together with the georgeous Sophie!!!Could you imagine what an amount of smoke they make together??? i'm going crazy!!! :-)