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star star star star star by Setlaw, 11 years ago.

This video is a must-see for anyone even mildly interested in the smoking arts. The star here is just mesmerizing. Truly. If you've ever fantasized about being in the presence of a woman who has the greatest of technique, and beauty, and who understands perfectly the power she wields and the sheer joy she delivers every time she lights a cigarette, then Cristina is for you. And so is this video. The photography is very nice, but the lighting is extraordinary: it captures Cristina's beauty and her exhales just perfectly. I used the word "mesmerizing" earlier, and that's what the experience of viewing this work is: I literally could not take my eyes off this woman. Or get her intense hunger for cigarettes off my mind Or ignore how powerfully she smokes. Or stop imagining what incredible marriage material she is. Thanks to Smoking Sexies for finding and supporting this exceptional woman. And please . . . give us MORE CRISTINA!