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Jana: The Total Package

by Seraglio42, 9 years ago.

This vid should have been named "Jana: The Total Package", because that's what she is. The nipples on this child would -- by themselves -- be worth the price of admission. Twenty times over. Her entire body is magificent, in every one of its many beautiful aspects; but dear God, those nipples are really beyond fucking belief. And taken together with her dark complexion, jet black hair and fabulous make-up (so many young girls these days don't know how to apply make-up or don't care enough to learn), she's just staggeringly beautiful.

But then, there's the smoking. Powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful, powerful. And perfect. Yes, she drags hard. And long. And deep. And heavy. Her french inhales are rich and luscious. Her cones are dense and thick. And her nostril exhales are mesmerizing. There are plenty of powersmokers on this site. But none are any better than Jana. Please rent this vid, and enjoy it. She's a great find for smokingsweeties, and I hope they're able to transition her over to smokingsexies. I really can't wait for that. Sign me up now!

Five stars ain't enough

star star star star star by Seraglio42, 9 years ago.

This is a fabulous video, well worth the small price charged. And when you're done viewing it, if you find that like Maria's smoking, or like her clothes, or like her style, or like her intense sensuality, or just like HER, then please, please, please, please, PLEASE: do yourself a HUGE favor and go over to the site and check out her Extreme Smoking video there. It's even better than this one, AND it highlights the girl's magnificent cough. It's a cough so sweet and powerful and beautiful that you'll not only want to kiss that incredible mouth of hers, you'll want to lick her tongue after every cigarette she smokes. "WOW!!" doesn't even begin to say it.

Amazing . . . simply amazing

by Seraglio42, 9 years ago.

I've seen a lot of beautiful women smoking beautifully over the fifteen-plus years I've been a follower of sites like this one, and I've never -- NEVER -- seen a girl so beautiful smoking so beautifully as Alejandra. She's stunning and enticing and mesmerizing and perfect.

Don't Miss It!!!

star star star star star by Seraglio42, 9 years ago.

Maria is one of those very, VERY rare girls who are worth looking at without the need of her doing anything at all, much less anything overtly sexual. Her beauty, her body, her hair, her make-up (particularly her eye make-up) and her sense of personal fashion are so unusual that you'd enjoy watching her just sitting around doing nothing at all. And you'd likely even be willing to pay for that privilege. Fortunately, for guys like all of us here, this very rare girl does something very wonderful: she smokes. And not only does she smoke, but she smokes incredibly well and in a powerful, powerful, powerful way. She has all the conventional skills that other powersmoking beauties have, but she adds a layer -- a really dark layer -- of techniques that sets her completely apart from the crowd, and here, I am talking about the reverse smoking, the ingestion of ash, and (OMFG!!) the spreading and smearing of ash all over her perfectly beautiful body. All that -- taken together with her acting ability to sometimes appear seductive and slutty, and sometimes appear shy and innocent -- carries her to a higher level, and all that would be enough to crown her queen of all smokers; all smokers in general, and all powersmokers in particular. But that's not all there is. No. There is one other thing that makes Maria, and this special video, the ne plus ultra of the smoking arts industry: that cough. DEAR SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS! That cough is just magnificent. Really just magnificent. I cannot possibly overstate that. Yes, coughing is a common act, especially for a long-time heavy smoker, but until you've seen and heard THIS young girl do it, you will not have understood the power of the thing. Maria's cough, unlike others, is an entirely UN-common act, and will draw you to her and bind you to her. Maria's cough is an act of music, an act of attraction, an act of seduction, and an act of capture. You will want to be next to her, not only to see her smoke, but to hear that blessed cough. I truly hope the site owners will provide us with more videos of this child, and perhaps even give thought to establishing an entire websitedevoted to her, and to others -- if there are any -- who share this extraordinary ability to cough in a way that will captivate a male audience and please them beyond belief. A good choice for the name of such a site, falling in line with the ones they've already got, would be "smokingcoughers". A better choice would simply be "Maria".