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Just amazing!

star star star star star by Sbc350, 10 years ago.

I bought many of Fran's amazing vids and never took the time to write a review, but reading some of the comments on this one here, I just had to leave my 2 cents...
To koben's review:
Fran put 28 full sized pictures of this truly amazing video up - as he usually does - a few of each scene. In NONE of the pictures I could see "glasses, lipstick or close UPS" - so I don't fully understand a ONE STAR rating for a video that never promised to deliver these things? That's like I'd post a one star rating for this video and bash it because I couldn't see her sitting topless in a swimming pool???! COME ON! How does that make any sense???
And to Jim West:
To each their own, but if you don't like a video, no problem. Just don't buy the next Jen video (which will hopefully be made - after your comment), but why leave such offensive comments regarding overweight, age, skin, hair, teeth,...GOOD GOD, maybe you should contact Mattel to do a Barbie and Ken smoking cartoon, I'm sure they'll look all perfect for your needs. The anonymity of the internet makes some people think they can use language that they'd get slapped for left, right and center in real life.
Maybe people can tell I got a little upset.
In general, Jen is a natural beauty, an amazing smoker and an unbelievable charming woman, my personal favorite of all times has always been "Paula" from a few years back, I never understood the hype about Rosie and Vanessa, but when the first Jen video came out, I was blown away. This one is as at least as amazing as the first one, showing incredible smoking of Jen, and I truly hope we get to see more of her. If I wouldn't live on the other side of the planet, I'd have to ask Fran for her number :-)
Keep up the great work, and please some more of Jen.