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star star star star star by SC, One year ago.

Wow! Becky has become the ideal smoking woman in this video. Her natural beauty and subtle curves are highlighted so well. She devours her cigarettes in this clip as her addiction has hit its peak. Not only that but she is naturally sensual. Her voice is delightfully raspy and her wet cough is evidence of her uncompromising devotion to her habit. Along with Vanessa, I believe she is the standard for everything a smoking fetishist desires in a female.

Ines has aged so beautifully

star star star star star by SC, One year ago.

Ines tastes like an ashtray… she also looks like an ashtray… in the best way possible! All of her heavy chain smoking over the past few years has given her a much more mature look. She oozes sex appeal as she enjoys every cigarette. Amazing transformation from a cute young smoking girl with potential to a heavy smoking adult female role model.

Mel is smoking perfection

star star star star star by SC, 3 years ago.

Mel is the most beautiful woman to grace this site in a long time. She is stunningly beautiful, has a fabulous sense of style and her casual smoking style displayed here is wonderful. Really hope to have her back soon with a little interview enjoying more of her beloved Marlboro Reds. Thanks!