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Great stuff

star star star star star by Ryan81, 6 years ago.

I've always liked Silvia and since she's become a bit older, her figure has become fuller too. Definitely 4 stars for this clip. Only reason it's not 5 is just because of the fact that she was limited to only two different settings/environments/attire. Great to see SSW back!


star star star star star by Ryan81, 7 years ago.

I would say that the quality of lighting etc is great as always from SSW but somehow the smoking is a little.....I don't know...lightweight. Don't get me wrong, the girls smoke in a sexy way, there is nice giggling and all the rest of it but the emphasis seems to be more on smoking in a natural way rather than powersmoking and smoking for the camera i.e. blowing smoke deliberately at the camera etc. The girl with glasses is nice but personally I prefer the other body painter more. She has a fuller figure which is my preference. So, a good clip but not SSW's best.

re: This is what I call SMOKING!

by Ryan81, 7 years ago.

Why the 2 dislikes for my review? Was it not detailed enough or was there something wrong with the content?

This is what I call SMOKING!

star star star star star by Ryan81, 7 years ago.

We may have had to wait around 6 weeks for the new SmokingSweeties clip but it's been well worth it. I just love these duo clips (especially sisters which brings to mind Desiree and Rosy and Daphne and Silvia) and think SS should do more of them :-)
Lola and Sonia- where to begin? Both stunners with amazing figures who take in copious amounts of smoke as if it were H2O! I love the aspect of each girl blowing smoke into the other girls' face and there is a plentiful supply of that here. Sonia also seems to take great pleasure in blowing huge amounts of smoke at Lola's bountiful rack ;-)
If you love to see well-built girls powersmoking their way through strong smokes while laughing and giggling, this would be the perfect clip for you! Brilliant, 10/10.


by Ryan81, 7 years ago.

All I can suggest to everyone is: JUST GET IT! The SS description and still photos don't do this clip justice at all. Estefania is wonderful as she dances, all the while smiling seductively for the camera. The amount of smoke she exhales is incredible too! She really has come along immensely since her last shoot in May 2012. Looks really confident and sexy and just projects an air of confidence and sexiness. Hope to see her again soon! Thanks SS, another masterpiece :-)

re: The Body Painter.

by Ryan81, 8 years ago.

I agree with you. Shame that we don't get to see her smoking a bit more in this one. Great video by SmokingSweeties yet again, though. Mery is fabulous and the lighting really reveals the huge amounts of smoke that she's taking in.

Another great clip by SSW

star star star star star by Ryan81, 8 years ago.

Monnie is a real treat of a heavy smoker and just to reiterate more or less what P96 said. On the one hand, you do almost feel sorry for her for smoking so much but on the other hand she just looks so cute doing it and clearly enjoys it, despite being obviously addicted. :-)
Must respectfully disagree with Sir D. regarding Monnie's beauty. I actually think she looks lovely and has a very natural look to her although you can see that years of heavy smoking have started to take their toll on her skin- some SSW models look too much like film stars rather than having that "girl-next-door" look.

Pretty nice

star star star star star by Ryan81, 8 years ago.

I must admit, Ines isn't one of my favourite models. I saw her in her first clip last year and while she is a great smoker, who devours strong smoke like it's cotton candy, her looks don't appeal to me that much. She has a nice, shapely bum but she's far too slim for my liking. I like to see girls smoke that are a bit 'meatier' like the gorgeous Sheila or the lovely Penelope. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty good clip but not one of Fran's best IMO.


star star star star star by Ryan81, 8 years ago.

I'm a huge fan of the "Smoking Chimneys" 'series' at SmokingSweeties and Fran delivers yet another bombshell! Love Penelope's enormous drags and her 'heavy smoker's' look. Clemma is a nice addition too although she is probably the least experienced being the youngest. Ariadna returns with her usual smoke devouring enthusiasm and the whole clip is just superb. In the second scene, the girls produce an ungodly amount of smoke in just two and a half minutes. Fran shows yet again why he is the best at filming the SF phenomenon and why his clips (and of course models) are superior to all others out there. Looking forward to more smoke-hungry girls in the future!

Absolute smoking beauty!

star star star star star by Ryan81, 9 years ago.

Another one of Fran's masterpieces. Teresa simply looks stunning with her wet hair and black bathing suit, sucking her strong cigarettes like they were nothing....The word 'devour' is definately no exaggeration. At one point, she doesn't drag, double drag or even triple drag but takes four successive, deep drags. The lighting, as always, is top notch and just compliments Teresa's amazing smoking skills and incredibly curvy body. Would definately love to see her back again.

Where do you get them, Fran?

star star star star star by Ryan81, 9 years ago.

Wow, where to start? I think Sheila is the best looking girl I've seen on SS so far. My kind of girl- voluptuous, lovely face, brunette, pro smoker......Fran, please bring this cutie back for more smoke fests ;-) Great quality sound & picture as usual.