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total addiction

star star star star star by Robert, 6 years ago.

Diana is so hot in this video. Hope there is more of her in the rotation. Lots of smoke move through her lungs.

24/7 smoking machine

star star star star star by Robert, 6 years ago.

in my opinion elsa is simply a total 24/7 chain smoking machine. i could just imagine what it would be like spending a day with her. for example, the day before she smoked 50 cigarettes and now it is day break and you have plans to go to the beach and spend a day swimming and tanning. she gets up at 7am and before getting out of bed chain smokes 2 cigarettes and then before leaving the house she has smoked a half a pack already. no the hour long car ride to the beach she chain smokes another 10 while driving and peddle pumping in beach flip flops. at the beach she smokes a pack and a half through the afternoon. on the ride home she has another 10, and as the day ends and you unwind for the night for more adult fun another 15 are fully enjoyed. of course after the adult fun she ends her day with 5 more before falling into a deep sleep. her lungs fully satisfied and ready to restore themselves for the next days invasion. her sexy wet cough confirms her lungs have taken a beating.

go for the elsa series for anyone into a totally addicted young smoker that lives to smoke.

Asmatic Chain Smoker

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Alexia is stunning an is now smoking 40 cigarettes a day to help her fight depression. She also has asthma and goes into detail about that in a fantastic interview with Fran. She needs to chain smoke each day because cigarettes are the only thing that brings her happiness and life!!!! She constantly deep drags, multi pumps, and dangles and your can hear a wheezing as she pulls the smoke deep into her lungs. Her lungs must be suffering and very black, but cigarettes are her life line. Great job Fran!! Would love to see another video of her soon.

Hungry Smoker

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Eli is a hungry smoker who constantly direct inhales smoke into her lungs. You can see the effects of her many years of smoking in her voice and skin. She does only mouth exhales. Nice closeups of her stained filters. Nice job Fran.


star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Lorena has a well fit and beautiful body / figure on the outside. This contrasts wonderfully with her black lungs on the inside. She acts naturally in front of the camera and truly loves to drag deep on her cigarettes. Nice nose exhales and some long holds. Wish this was a longer video and would have loved to see a full length shot of her from head to toe. Hope to see more of her again doing an interview.

Their Lungs are Suffering of Pleasure

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

These are two totally addicted chain smokers. Both Jessica and Vanessa have a non-stop rhythmic chain smoking session where you can see the delight on both their faces(especially Jessica) as they each enjoy 3 cigarettes each. You clearly hear both girls breath the smoke deeply into their lungs then you hear them breath out what is left of the smoke from their lungs. At 3:07 Venessa's lungs give out and she coughs and at 3:17 Jessica's lungs give out as she coughs, but both continue to inhale away, puff after puff, inhale after inhale. One can only imagine how black their lungs must be as a result of their love of smoking. Wonderful camera work and angles. There is no speaking, other than the constant breaths of inhales, exhales, and coughing, as their lungs collect up tar and nicotine. Another great job...thanks Fran.

Cigarette Smoke is the Only Air in Her Lungs

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Christina has that look about her that you would never expect her to smoke cigarettes but she does and is happy to do so in a powerful way. She states that she was a student, but she wanted to try smoking in college and has loved it ever since. She talks frankly about the feelings of smoke in her lungs, and she often coughs as she chains into a new cigarette. She takes deep popping inhales and often double pumps, she holds the smoke and exhales by mouth, nose, and combo mouth and nose. She says that smoking doesn't harm her, but helps her as she lets the smoke absorb into her black lungs. Great job Fran!

Smoke Pounding Their Lungs

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Natia and her friend are both Eastern European heavy smokers. Both are very comfortable in front of the camera and both pound their lungs with constant smoke. Natia holds the smoke in her lungs and has sexy nose exhales. Natia's soft voice sounds very much like Elsa. Her girl friend with braces has a nice smoking style too and adds to this really nice video. Both girls are very addicted to smoking and the image of their black lungs contrast nicely to their pretty bodies. Overall a wonderful production. I would have loved to have seen a full length shot of their feet/heels but this was still an excellent video you will come back to over and over.... great job Fran!

Total Addiction

star star star star star by Robert, 8 years ago.

Glad to see Nuria back for a second filming. She is totally addicted to her cigarettes. Strong drags, deep inhales, multi puming, and chain smoking. She pounds the heck out of her black lungs and gives that smile to let you know she loves smoking. Hope to see her for a 3rd filming, maybe another interview with her hair down and full length shots to show her in high heels. Great job Fran as always!