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Spreading fingers

star star star star star by Red, 5 months ago.

It's very hard to imagine how Gwen could ever be a more beautiful and sexy cigarette smoker, but it sure would drive a lot of us even more crazy if she were to spread her fingers a bit more while taking a puff so we can better see those ravishingly kissable lips caressing her cigarettes!

re: More Gwen in blue jeans, please!

by Red, 5 months ago.

An occasional pair of little white sneakers wouldn't hurt either.

Desperately in love with May!

by Red, 10 months ago.

While there is no doubt that Victoria is also an incredibly captivating and adorable little smokerette, I absolutely got this video for MAY! I simply could not take my eyes off of her!
She’s so mesmerizingly beautiful and sexy, sitting in her kitchen slowly and joyfully puffing away on a cigarette, inhaling tar and nicotine deep into her lungs. She says she’s been smoking for over twenty years now and has never once quit… you can just tell she loves that she’s hooked on cigarette smoking and is never going to quit. And what a start story she tells! A total dream girl for anyone who passionately adores a pretty little woman with 20 years+ smoker’s lungs inside of her lovely chest.
Through no fault of her own, the camera often does tend to go flying all over the place in a vain attempt to always be getting a different or better angle. This is rather less than ideal, particularly when she’s lighting up and puffing away in that incredibly sexy little denim jacket. When I’m watching a woman smoking I really don’t usually go zooming and swooping all around her trying to get a preferred look.
Still a SPECTACULAR first-time video! We want a BIO and more from this unbelievably beautiful and lovely cigarette smoker!