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ready for 5th star

star star star star star by Ray, 2 months ago.

Thank you Fran : Vero is really a bueautiful SF model.
we can turn on the fifth star as soon as she will show us some multiple pumps and thick nose exhales, she is certainly capable for both.

Over the top gained

by Ray, 7 years ago.

Fran, FRAN !! You reach the "One Master in SF". Thanks, thanks twice, thanks again !
In the first "Nuria" video (really a top 5 stars video !!) I said she could reach "over the top" with some multiples & nose exhales. And now the dream come absolutely true. None word can explain this Queen of SF world. You have just to see, and ..... keep calm, otherwise you cannot reach the end !!!. Nuria is really unforgettable; and so I've another 6 stars dream: her natural but strong love for heavy smoking let me think she can, without effort and smiling, smoke a whole cig with "no-air-supermultiple-pumps-&-nose-exhales". Don't worry, we expect for the third video.


star star star star star by Ray, 8 years ago.

Fran once again you win! Lorena is a very top top top sf girl. Her body, her face, her hairs, her glasses ... all is fantastic. And her smoking style is superb: erect drags (as Nuria), long drags & a bit long holding smoke, double pumps (almost triple at 7,43), nose exhale, dangling .... all is perfect. So Fran we absolutely need some more of Lorena (and please remember: some more of Nuria). Fran is ready for you the platinum medal !

No words !

by Ray, 9 years ago.

Hi Master Fran, you click and.... Boooooom ! Nuria is on the top!
If next video (hurry up Fran, we can't wait !) will show us more multiple pumps and some (an more..) nose exhales, probably you'll add an "H" at this Bomb! and Nuria will be "over the top".
;) ;) ;) Ray

Rosy Princess of smoking girls

by Ray, 9 years ago.

Rosy: simply the most gorgeus girl in every sense!
Smoking: simply the best that all of us can imagine!
Fran: simply no. 1 in our s.f. world!
A lot of thanks you, Rosy & Fran !

eugenia the best

star star star star star by Ray, 11 years ago.

Hi Fran, a very happy new 2011 to you & us! After seen the most recent videos, all amazing (you know the Job!), for me Eugenia is the best in SF: a very beautiful girl that knows very well the art of smoking. Chain, power, multiple, lomg drags, rich cone and rich nose, she devors each cig also smiling (see the last scene). Please Fran another video of this smoking queen, if possible with handsfree, slowly nose only, and the top I believe Eugenia can: an entire cig only multiple pumps non fresh air!!!.

michelle 01

star star star star star by Ray, 13 years ago.

Michelle is the top! but with some multiple pumps and some nostrils she could reach "over the top"! Ray