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All Star Collab

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 3 weeks ago.

I love that SS is teaming up with Anna, and I'd like to see them do even more! Especially if she'd dabble in the darkside :)

5-Stars for Quality

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 4 months ago.

I haven't purchased this video yet (though I'm sure I will), but something that has been bothering me for awhile are the reviews on here being less than 5 stars just because the model doesn't fit a person's preferences "I like all whites / corks / etc"

Everyone has their own unique tastes and there's no such thing as a video that works for everyone, so with that in mind, i think it makes SmokingSweeties job a lot harder to have their videos getting rated poorly just because SmokingSweeties tries to experiment. The best part about SS is that SS keeps experimenting - these videos are art.

If it's not your taste don't buy it. If you must leave a review, go ahead and mention your preferences but don't give the video 2 stars just cuz it wasn't what YOU wanted! SS videos are top quality - it's rare there is a video done that doesn't deserve 5 stars. Whether or not the clip sells will speak far louder than any review, as far as feedback goes - but by rating videos poorly, you're making people less likely to buy and support this type of masterful content!

Respect for Continued Inspiration

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 6 months ago.

I enjoy the way the SS continues to find new ways to portray models smoking. The same videos never get repeated - the outdoor shots are much harder to capture - but the creativity the goes into setting up and executing these shots clearly shows an artist who has mastered his craft. This is quality content, and as with any true artist, the one mark is they continue to evolve. The outdoor shots hide the smoke - so what - the swimming angle is new and was brilliantly shot (and sexy!)

Props to SS for always finding a way to stay inspired!

Vanessa an Raquel can come back (both hotter than ever) and STILL be seen in new ways - and Ona is a gem of a discovery!

All Time Legend

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 8 months ago.

Vanessa's regular appearances continue to age like fine wine - my only ask - I believe we are far overdue for another interview with her, and I would love to see her test her fitness (or talk about how smoking impacts it!)

More Vanessa! It's an auto-buy!

Incredible work!

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 11 months ago.

Another incredible job capturing a smoking beauty - leaving 5 stars because he is 5 star worthy - but want to draw attention to a technical glitch in the audio on the first treadmill scene. Seems there is an issue where there is an echo / delay - audio was perhaps out of sync.

Hoping it's possible that can be fixed! Beyond that (and my wish that the interview was much more in depth, like the ones done on older videos - we still like to know their smoking story!) this video is a work of art and worth every penny!


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, One year ago.


This clip is to die for - her expressions, attitude, smoking and cough are incredible. It's time for an update!

One of the best

star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, One year ago.

BRING HER BACK. She is a perfect smoker at 22 in 2009, I would LOVE to see how she is now at 34. Do whatever it takes. travel to Germany to shoot! We will follow you there!


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, One year ago.

Desiree is a dream come true. I would love an update and solo video with her - especially with the tragic news that Rosy has quit :(. Where is she now!?


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 2 years ago.

One of my favorite things about this site is new videos of old models over the years. It's wonderful to see them age and progress from girls into women. I would happily get any video of an old favorite brought back, and Rosy is no exception. It's wonderful to see how well she has maintained her beauty over the years.

My only critique is the lack of interview - I would love to hear another interview with many of these models, as a check in, to see how smoking has been for them over the years and how their habit has grown. Rosy in particular, I would love to hear more of her voice now, as it compares to years ago when she was a younger smoker

This video is wonderful! Bring others back as well! Nuria, Erika, Franchezca, Jen, Ajda, Annie, Alejanda, Alanze, Iris, Raquel - there is nothing better than an update and seeing where they are now!


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 2 years ago.

A smoking fitness instructor - what a dream! This video is excellent. My only complaint is I was hoping for a more in depth interview - whenever we are introduced to a new model I always want to hear them talk for much longer! Especially with her being a fitness coach, I would have loved to hear here asked about smoking impacts her fitness.

Maybe a part two?


by Radioactive Toy, 2 years ago.

The treadmill idea is brilliant, and I think poses an opportunity for SS to explore a new angle with the fetish. Earlier editions attempted to have women mix smoking + exercise but it was always difficult to do both gracefully. The smoking runner premise with Patricia, or the smoky sports videos were tough to film, but I think the treadmill provides opportunity for lots of known models to showcase themselves in a new way. In addition to just their gait, I would love to see models do this sort of thing with the treadmill on an incline or at a faster speed, we could see how they handle a climb or a faster pace where they may quickly become out of breath, and it would be super hot to watch a model (any of the regulars especially) put their fitness to test while smoking. I would love to see models like Vanessa, or anyone, walk quickly on an incline until they become short of breath. Lots talk about it, now we could see it! This is definitely an avenue that no filmmakers have really been able to explore and i think it may be very popular to simulate how smoking makes them get out of breath while keeping them in one place so it is easy for SS to film.

More of this kind of thing! So many regular models could be brought back with the treadmill! I think SS may have found a new direction of genius!

re: re: Seasoned smoker

by Radioactive Toy, 2 years ago.

Is there coughing in this video?


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 3 years ago.

She smokes so well, I was late to realizing how beautiful she is - she's a top 5 model on this site - that cough too! if the description of her videos had mentioned her cough I would have found out about her much sooner - she is just so authentic!


star star star star star by Radioactive Toy, 9 years ago.

Fantastic from every aspect, the camera work and lighting is spectacular, Vanessa is dressed super sexy and she knows how to smoke.

Unlike past Vanessa videos this video I felt truly featured her at her most authentic, she is not on script, she's talking truthfully about how she feels about smoking, and it's very sexy to hear her be so committed.

I must ask, to the commenter who said he could see a decrease in her lung capacity between this video and volume 15, how so? Can you specifically point out something she can no longer do as well? Because she seems here to be inhaling as deeply as ever.

The true quality of Vanessa as a smoker is in her deep inhales, when she gives the "ay mama" example, this is what sets her apart from other smokingsweeties, her willingness to bury the smoke in her lungs, not just take it in. Few smokers do this, with exception to perhaps Jen, Helen and a couple others I know I'm leaving out, it's the mark of a true smoker.