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star star star star star by Quixy, 7 years ago.

I have to admit I'm partial to oriental-looking smokers, so I'm clearly biased.

Nevertheless, this video is well worth the money. You can tell the girl is a bit nervous, but it comes across as cute. The outfit in the second scene is simply amazing, and the interview was also satisfying as usual. And yes, she DOES produce an astonishing amount of smoke, but who can really object to that?

All in all, a much recommended video.


star star star star star by Quixy, 8 years ago.

Top-notch quality like we're used to from SmokingSweeties.

Jessi makes a welcome comeback in attractive clothes and with her usual insatiable smoking passion, though the girl with the glasses - I unfortunately didn't catch who exactly she was - definitely challenges her style-wise. The third girl doesn't disappoint either.

The dialogue in the first and last thirds of the video is appealing, though the poker talk in the middle may not be everyone's thing.

Still, what you'll find here are three accomplished, sexy smokers who clearly enjoy the habit - a five-star product all in all.