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Love Asian Women Smoking

star star star star star by Phillip, 12 years ago.

Quality videos of Asian women smoking are hard to find, those that exist show Asian women who don't inhale. I love Asian women, they are the most beautiful, glamorous women. I love their smooth skin and beautifully shaped arms. Denise is an awesome smoker, she does a french inhale then inhales loudly even deeper through her mouth, once her french inhale is done. Two for the price of one! I also love high heels and black pantyhose and Denise delivers on this too. Fran even does a quick scan from her high heels up her lovely legs. Nice. The only negative about this video is that it does not last long enough, I would love to see Denise in a range of different poses.

Gwen is Hot (with stomping)

star star star star star by Phillip, 13 years ago.

For some reason, as obviously a lot of other guys do, I found this video a huge turn-on. Gwen is probably not the most beautiful model, but wow is she sexy. I love her two tone hair and sexy body. This is what a sexy girl smoker is all about, wild two tone hair, sexy body and tight skimpy clothes!

What I love about Fran's work is that he explores different aspects of a girl smoking normally. No need to focus on smoking tricks which can be so abnormal. In this video, he shows Gwen stomping out her cigarettes on the ground. There is something about watching a beautiful woman stomp out her cigarette on the ground with her high heels with painted toe nails, leaving a lipstick stained butt on the ground. It shows a woman confident and used to smoking.

I love Gwen smoking strong Malboro Reds so 'greedily'. She smokes one right down to the butt, and then uses it to light another. Nice!

The only improvement I could suggest to Fran, is that in this video (and quite a few others), I would like some more wide shots, showing the girls' legs and high heels. (I am a bit of leg / high heel man). His models have gorgeous bodies, so it would be nice to see more wide shots showing this.

Girl enjoying smoking

star star star star star by Phillip, 13 years ago.

If you want to watch a video with a girl really enjoying her smoking, then this is it.

I am not sure if Fran told her to show how much she enjoys smoking or she does it naturally, but she sure delivers in spades.

This is what I love about Fran's work, he explores the many nuances of the smoking fetish theme so subtly without resorting to focussing on smoking tricks etc.

Fran, you are an artiste! Unlike some producers who just stick a camera on a tripod in a front of girl smoking, you make a video that communicates.

The last scene shows this sexy woman smoking in a way a smoking fetisher dreams about. Every action of this girl as she smokes oozes sexiness and that she looks so hot as she smokes. Sonja is a very talented, natural actress who knows how to convey total sensuality in front of a camera.

More Sonja please, she is HOT!

Beautiful woman

star star star star star by Phillip, 13 years ago.

An awesome smoker who is beautiful woman with that touch of bad girl that drives you crazy!

She's Hot

star star star star star by Phillip, 13 years ago.

I disagree with comment re piercings and tattoos.

Bad girls smoke and the whole piercings and tattoos thing is part of that look. Love it and her.

Smoking Fetish Heaven

star star star star star by Phillip, 13 years ago.

You know as soon as this video starts that you are about to enter smoking fetish heaven. Most guys love girls making out with each other and this has that feel of erotica about it. The first scene shows these two goddesses in an erotic massage together as they smoke and inhale deeply.

The second scene has one of the beautiful goddesses, smoke in a see through lingerie top as she inhales so deeply and loudly as she smears more and more lipstick over her butt.

The third scene has the even more beautiful goddess smoke with some of most awesome inhales you are going to see. It builds to a crescendo when she slides down the top of her dress to reveal the most perfect breasts.