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Finally something good

star star star star star by Pal Pal, One year ago.

I ma happy that after 3-4 bad releases, finally we get something worth buying, Rosy is by far one of the best models that one can get never enough from, would be happy if also some of the good old faces make a come back. Would love to see how Anna MC have developed over the years now.
Worth Buying, 5 stars.


star star star star star by Pal Pal, One year ago.

Finally after 3 very bad videos from SSW, finally something that one can buy. Thanks for answering the requests, keep up the good work.

Finally some good stuff

star star star star star by Pal Pal, One year ago.

Although a lot have not liked the last dancing video, it seems it was a casting video :D , now he brings them back one after one. I find the Video amazing, with the conversations, and again a video where one can stay focused on the aspect of SF, not like the distracting dancing video. 5 Stars.

re: I don't know...

by Pal Pal, 2 years ago.

Totally Agree, old clips from SSW were the best, Altought the Equipments and Video Quality have improved over the years, but the Content Quality is always going down, we wait long and long for the new video hoping it will be better than the last, but always get disappointed, but buy it nonetheless to support the site to keep going. I hope Fran listen to us , do Polls on next Videos, get some of the old models, or new Models but direct with old mindset :)

best one since a while

star star star star star by Pal Pal, 3 years ago.

I bought recently the 3 latest vidoes, Encarni, Lola and Sonia,and this one,,, but I can't get enough of this one. The scene where she stares at the camera sometimes freezes you at your place with those strong eyes behind her exhales. She is the perfect smoker, blonde, thin with a style. Anna MC was for the perfect for a long time but now I think she's my favorite and I would love to see her again.


star star star star star by Pal Pal, 4 years ago.

The bad thing about outdoor shooting is the very bad lighting,,, she is beautiful and this makes a great show video, but not a SF one.
Feeling bad, since the recent releases have been decreasing in quality. Hope that you will catch up soon and bring us some good quality stuff.

Longest inhaler

by Pal Pal, 6 years ago.

Although I am usually not a fan of Blondies, but I gotta say, the duration of her inhalation is extraordinary. At sometimes I thought she just inhale and doesn't exhale at all, and I wondered how does she breath!

Expected more

star star star star star by Pal Pal, 6 years ago.

Well after this long long pause in Vidoes I honestly expected much more from the next video. Ariadna is good but she can't keep up with some of the best smokers at SSW. Also I am not a fan of outdoor smoking vidoes. These outdoor were similar to what posing on a Fashion TV looks like, when it comes to smoking vidoes I prefer indoors and the lighting system that Fran used in his previous videos.

We want the painters

by Pal Pal, 6 years ago.

The painters from previous videos were amazing and they deserved their own, but these ones, they DEFINITELY should have their own.

re: It Must be Magic

by Pal Pal, 8 years ago.

What I liked recently bringing girls of Middle eastern origins which for me as one living there double the pleasure as it is considered something taboo for a woman to smoke, Fran is a God when it comes to finding smoking girls , and convincing them to do such videos is something wonderful.