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A very promising approach

star star star star star by P, 10 months ago.

This is a classic piece of SmSw work and of course 5 stars. Internal 4, but on a whole, great. What I hope and what seems finally possible is to get to see some of the leftovers that I suppose must have been left from ....a lot of legendary models shot especially from around vol 10 onwards. Please keep on sharing those.

Startis here, got each one as soon as I saw it was out. ng to see a direction?

star star star star star by P, One year ago.

I like all scenes of this video, so grade 4 is relevant only in here. In general I would give the Becky feature 5/5. And I bought every release. The cyclic follow ups of the girls -> women adds a totally new perspective to the fetish and I to wish to see as many as possible of the previous models return, mixed with newcomers like recently, even if it is hard to surpase the level of previous material each time, I still think they all carry the seal of origin that is SSW. Becky has not been this hot in any release before here IMO. Thank You very much.

Speaking of previous favourites I need to share that Franchezca also goes as Aina Smith for those hungry for her. If she would agree to be filmed I am sure it would be epic.

re: disasppointed

by P, 2 years ago.

I mean. Will we ever have such heads and shoulders above the rest,moment? Franchesca is hard to beat still, and it just struck me, not how bad this siste has become, since it is still a no 1. But man her videos and the volumes say 17-23 are just smashing. It amazes me to this day how one site could find and hit that sweet spot so well. Ever. Hope Franchezca is ok healthwise I do want these women to have a life they desire and it is simply a challenge to make it as attractive and illusional that the not that great habit, can still be enjoyed for how it portrays life with a just as exciting opposite as its negatives. That all said as some sort of sxalut to the girls and the minds behind the work.It is not the most simple of genres, and whilwe, yes, quality dropped since, but it must take a 100% devotion to repeat this, and I for one have seen how lifes priorities can and will change over time. As long as the site is alive there is a potential of greatness. To demand this sort of work, continously, is probably just not realistic. And I sort of respect that. Makes sense Take care everyone. // P

Instant classic but new

star star star star star by P, 2 years ago.

I review in reference to the market of SF and as the dominant producer that this studio is considerijg the material is in all but a few takes just ...5/5. I like this one though, more than any else in a while. She direct inhalse (?) and shes very personal and shows us some skin as well. I would sure have more of Franschesca and all of them but if she makes a few more vids she has what it takes to be considered a fave I think. Promising, and to me among the better ones meaning, a classic.Besides how bad IO wish to have some leftovers if such exists I would value a timetable in case there is such. But if not, I will still check this site just about each day an get whats new, no doubt. Keep it up if I may have a wish.

Since this another level. All. Here Is.

star star star star star by P, 4 years ago.

Great work, so much art.If she reads I sure hope she does fine and since we all got our poisons, I am not judging or supporting what she does here, I enjoy it. It sure is hard to be neutral. That i a lot of tar, but I mean whatever, so hot, in this context, 5 Stars.

All vids at SSW is just another level.

Pointless to compare

star star star star star by P, 5 years ago.

I have so far never ever regret äny vid I got in here, and I buy it as I see it is there. Thats like 7 years now. There is a Ton of SF material out there. But some of us see this work as superior. And sure miss the once active website. That is not to demand anything from anyone. It was just so superior, and even now, is above all else I came across. Not "better", this is what SF is about somehow and al else is a misunderstanding. To know, that there is probably hours and hours of leftovers from Franchesca...or ..even the "worst" models or clips ever seen here is frustrating. I hope it will - if not against the models own wished that is, one day be released at the price it is worth to at least a few. Or that Fran comes active again. But I can not complain, since it is rare stuff it ca not be less than 5 stars. There are better vids, there are worse, but outside SSW there is nothing even close.

Thats my thoughts,


star star star star star by P, 5 years ago.

The quality and excellence of the vids at this site is unique and this is a totally unreal piece of that.

What a devoted website. Alexia can not be for real here...really?

Well, as long as I am not telling her...a 5+ moment.

re: top 1 of the sf world

by P, 6 years ago.

I have to agree on that.

I do not know how to see what is, perhaps, happening, on the site, (does anyone know?)

But I agree on this being my Solid #1. And we speak Thousands of vids over decades.

I feel a bit ashamed on it, but the fact that smoking is a bigger cause of sag in womens breasts than pregnancy is somehow the Switch. She is so thin, cute, good and natural on cam. I always rated silicone as trash and liked slender girls.

I can not see what I could ask, that is not in this Epic scene. She was the best from 1:st shoot and to finally reveal her soft chest and ribcage like that is over the top.

I asked before...But: Any leftovers? Or ways to find the models on other sites?

I looked for Franchezca all over but I can not find her. And man would I like to...

If not any new productions - then let us have some leftovers? We all know the high - and met - ambitions You got Fran.
But even the worst you have in here is head & shoulders above anything else.

That said, I sure hope for health and good life on these girls. I know it wont work to tell no one to "stop smoking", and as long as they do anyway I can not help to be floored on the Extreme inhalers on this site. And how the quality is Top. Top! It puts the Finger at the very pinnacle of how a habit still is darn sexy.

Hope You do good Fran, and of course the models as well.

Thank You all


Translate the masterpiece?

star star star star star by P, 6 years ago.

This is one of the best videos i my opinion, but that is really hard to say since of the huge material and immense quality work around here. Imane is def. among the deepest inhaling girls I have seen ever. To me it is strange that she can keep breathing...all that smoke. Yeah, sinful, but impressive..

I do feel though, that there would be a new dimension to it if it was translated to english, or if anyone could post the dialogue? What is Imane saying on her A+ chest for example....I am so puzzled.. It is not that many sentences, but gibberish to me. If anyone can translate it or there were a subtitle available I would buy it.

Please keep them updates going, and keep us posted on the forum or media sites Fran. not burn the outtakes, I can barely handle that there is more material that I can not get my hands on! Sell it!

Thanks, great job.

As always bulls eye

star star star star star by P, 6 years ago.

I never check. I buy the update as I see it.

This site and its work is so far ahead to me that I have never regretted a single buy.

Amazing work, again. Please keep it up, and if not, can we know if the sweeties are active officially any other place Fran?

Again. A very appreciated tasteful job.

What a material

star star star star star by P, 7 years ago.

I will just join the above. And if you find You dont got time to do work here....there mustbe so much material left that for some might be heaven, and to others crap, but If you own the rights to leftovers, like more of the artists in this scene..

Though I admire your work, as in this video, and can see why you seek challenge. I just hope you dont underestimate the tastes and how much material me, you, anyone, would ditch, but throwing someone elses perfect sf destroyed...would if there are such material just left from a shooting.

It wont change how professional your final cuts are. This is just superior work.



star star star star star by P, 7 years ago.

I thought the first vid was great, that innicent face despite being close 30...and inhaling tar as if her lungs were of steel. Unique. Smiling. I am always so curious to see a tease of them chests, but besides that...a A+ production.

Isnt she available anywhere else? I mean as a model. Shes so cute.

Great Job Fran & "Nuria". Thanks.

Gets better w. age...

star star star star star by P, 8 years ago.

This might be the Girl I searched for most on the internet ever, she is so lovely, cute, sexy ans in some way innicent althought she is like 30 years and is detoriating inside smoking like she does.

But still that cute face. Will she ever be back? Is se somehere to be found?

Great vid. Totally Amazing.

Total Lungdamage

star star star star star by P, 8 years ago.

This women does not only smoke like 40+ cigs/day. She makes sure the tar all coats her lungs by smoking all possible tobacco and still holdning each drag for 10+ seconds, at times she mtst hace only smoke from the cigarette inside. The topless scene and the teasing transparent scene ix made really classy and ads sp much more sexuality to the scene.

In another, non fetishist eyes I could hear " Does she ever stop smoking?" and feel a bit caring since she actually is smoking her lungs to pieces, gotten asthma/Bronchites and proudly declares that she did it to herself smoking. Well, I am almost ashamed to admit that I believe this is premium SF but at the same time I wonder how her body is coping.

Heaviest smoker of all?


Astonishing smokefilter

star star star star star by P, 8 years ago.

Well, she is pretty, she is young (although my own reflection is that her lungs have filtered so much tar thhroughout the years that the skin is somewhat yellowish. She doesnt smoke in any spectacualr way in tyerms of style, just effeiciently avoids any visible breaths of air as she takes enormous drags over and over.

The big question to me is how she can avoid coughing, she has to be amonng the top 5 smokers in terms of intensity and absorbtion of cigarettes - efforetlessly.

Picture is great even in low definitiion and superb in HD. One of the better vids recently, but as a breastloving individual I cant help but dream of a bit more revealing tops, as she seems to have quite a rack.

Lovely girl/work. Of course you must buy it.

Another outstanding video

star star star star star by P, 8 years ago.

The rating is in reference to this pages productions. Otherwise 5 stars would be a standard grade. I happen to like the more "loose body type, while still thin", and since Gwen is more of a flawless model I had to cut back one star.

Otherwise: Unique material. Will we ever see anything this sophisticated and balanced anywhere else?
Keep them coming Fran!

No matter what you put up...

star star star star star by P, 8 years ago.

....I will buy immediately. Just because you are so much ahead of the competition, at least when it comes to more refined and itetelligent, sometines subtile details.

Besides that....the girls are astonishing. They never fake to be smokers, they smoke som much it is rare to ever get to see iRL. They show just the right amount of skin to still be classy, yet giving the few breastlovers in here what they need every now and then.

And. I have yet to feel sad for watching, if they are forced in any way I would be very suprised. In my mind I am sure Fran would not make a gal smoke infront of his hig-hend equipment without their full approval and willingness.

Silvia is a gem and although I am still waiting for the DL I am sure I will not be dissapointed. I can only wish for more frequent updates, otherwise the SF community would all be a bunch of copycats with no deeper intention than a girl pufing smoke as they are nude.

Please dont let that scenario happen, hopefully you have more followers than me that dont hesitate to purchase any new release, enabling a lovely stream of vids with girls who have a personality, inviting us to watch them enjoying their vice, in a way that doesnt make you feel like a beast that feast on others needs.

Ehm, this was not meant to sound like a poem BTW.

At last.

star star star star star by P, 9 years ago.

Well, I have spent a few hours watching the other brilliant videos of this stunningly sweet, seemingly friendly and tremendeously sexy girl. And my minds "estimate" of her how her ohhh so rare to see big racks on that totally skinny frame, would look straight in my face was actually rather close. And I love it.

Tit jobs are not hot anymore, and already being one of the top 5 (this site has really captured some extreme somokers...) smoking-fetish girls her, she has always been my fave because of that unproportionally big, and obviously natural pair of breasts that is atached to her very big lungs/ribs.

It is almost as though all the cigarettes through the years have evolved her chest to be really big and her breasts to just sway.

Anyhow, some guys think girls should look like barbies others prefer real bodies. Your taste may differ, but I love the sight of her stretchmarks and optimal body finally revealed.

It is the best SF video I have ever seen. Period. Be Proud Franchezca, and be proud Fran. This must be a classic.

Thank You So much!

re: no competition

by P, 9 years ago.

Yes. I regret not giving 5 stars after watching the video alltogether. Its silly how good Fran imitates my fantasies.

Another insanely original production from SSW

star star star star star by P, 9 years ago.

To me it is just hard to imagine that this particular website exists, it is on another level than the other SF sites, booth talking quality of the videos (can thay get better?), true smoking models, and not only IRL smokers, but girls that smoke sooooo much that it is sometimes hard to imagine and almos sinful to enjoy. Imane is is no worse, and to my liking she gives us a hint of her attributes. Absolutely fantastic sweet girl smoking hard and acting better than I thought was possible on the 1:st shoot.

I hope to see her again and can only recomennd this new diamons alongside all the others :)

If it wasnt for the extreme competitition and my personal taste leaning towards....well...a few other girls on the site she would get 5/5. Maybe she should have. Make your own desicion, you wont regret it.

Simply awesome

star star star star star by P, 9 years ago.

She looks a bit like my favourite Franchezca, with the obvioulsy loose chests hanging below her chests inhalation ways. She is thin and, seems to like what she does for us, and can't ever be a fake since she seems to be able to handle as much smoke as she wishes. Her teeth are a bit yellow proving her habit.

She is lovely, sweet, good in front of the camera and smokes exztremely hard. I love this girl.

Great production Fran, give us more!!

Just keep filming her...

star star star star star by P, 9 years ago.

She has all attributes that I find attractive, and she acts/behaves very natural. You can see that there has gone down a couple of hundred cigarettes since the first vids, but that only adds more intense sexuality.

She smokes heavy.
She is sweet.
She is very skinny with long sleek legs and arms, but still has a big set of wobbly narural breasts that is just exactly the kind of body I prefer. Skinny gals with stereotypic silicone chests are not rare, but this body type is.

Will we ever get to see them? In a way we have, adding all the angles and small gleeps through her awesome videos, but I still long for a look of her just standing there with no top at all, letting the soft hangers sway in all their beaty, expanding at each drag. I will keep wishing for it, but foremost, I wish Fran releases all material he has of Franchezca, I have a feeling there is a ton of leftovers from the previous productions.

And of course, I wish she still feels like doing more of the best SF material I have seen.

This is my #1 video of all on the site. Great, great work from producer and performer....a shame it makes you crave for more....

One of the best ever.

by P, 9 years ago.

This is a gem. She smokes as though there is no camera, inhales forever, has a natural body that is actually filled and streched out after the enourmous inhales, shrinking down while exhaling. Sexy, natural, heavy smoker. Fits in my top 5, and I have bought 90% of the releases.

I would like to see more of her lovely top, legs and lovely wide hips. Must be one of the most directinhaling gals onthe site so far?

Watch it. Great job Fran.

Stunning and frustrating...

by P, 10 years ago.

She could drive a site like this alone IMO, she is perfect.
Natural. Skinny and ladylike, sweet, and a heavy smoker with great acting. I respect her unwillingness to be topless, but I for one have to say that it would be a climax.. It is clear that her slim body has big and soft natural breasts, and that is in some eyes not beaty since gravity has its way on them, but IMO that is exactly what makes her the most attractive SF girl on the web.

Please film more, and get as transparent as the lovely girl is confortable with. She has a great body and it would be a shame to see implants...

More. More.

Theese natural streched smokertits

by P, 10 years ago.

Lovely. But to get to see her obviously floppy soft tits fall down when bra is released would be something truely amazing. Her left breast even escapes out her bra in the end. She smokes so heavy, but she doesnt cough?

Age and amount?

The best - but why that top...

by P, 10 years ago.

A wonderful work and a perfect model. The best. But as a fan of natural breasts on slim girls I cant stand that I will not get a look of theese pearls. Will I ever? They may sag or whatever, but that makes her even hotter.

But why not fullfill it with 5 seconds of revealing fotage of those soft things...It makes me crazy ;)

I really hope to see more of her, with our without shirt. Its a 5/5 vid anyway.