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star star star star star by Oliver, 12 years ago.

I am truly amazed at the beauty of this babe. And her smoking is sensational. Long drags, very long and audible inhales...just what I love soooo much! To top it off, a roll-your-own segment. I would have loved it even more if she had smoked that one the same way she smoked her lights. I don't like dangling too much.I am looking forward to more vids with her, Fran!OS


by Oliver, 12 years ago.

I am going out of my mind! The amazing Venus is the sexiest smoker on the web. I DEMAND more, SOON!! Fran, thanks for filming her again. :))


star star star star star by Oliver, 13 years ago.

I knew that I would be in for a treat by looking at the picture gallery. There was hardly any smoke visible in any of the pics. So I thought to myself, well, this girl MUST keep the precious smoke deep inside her lungs until there's nothing left of it. Turns out: I was right! After having watched the full video I was speechless. Usually I like to see at least a fair amount of smoke coming out of a girls mouth. Venus made me realize that it is even sexier with less smoke. She seems to be really committed to her habit and clearly describes how much she loves to smoke. The sound is fantastic in this video. Every long and deep inhale (mind you: almost no exhales) is very audible.
It almost drove me mad to see this English lass enjoy her fags sooo much. Some of the longest and most audible inhales captured on video anywhere in a long time!!! There are also double pumps and another personal favourite technique of mine: she takes a drag, inhales deeply and after a couple of seconds inhales air to press the smoke even deeper into every bubble in her lungs. WOW, even writing this, makes me all excited again! :))
The ring she is wearing is an Irish Claddagh ring. According to popular belief: if the point of the little heart is pointed at the persons finger, he or she is not attached to anyone! What a marvellous thought that a girl like that prowls the streets of Spain, probably looking for someone who appreciates her strong smoking habit. When's the next flight...
Thanks to the producers for filming this beautiful heavy smoking girl. More of her, please!!

Pat 01

star star star star star by Oliver, 13 years ago.

This girls loves to smoke at parties. Well, if I were at a party where she happened to be smoking I would probably not get my eyes off of her. Her smoking is great. Everyone who loves a pretty girl with a killer body doing incredibly deep and fierce inhales will love this video and crave for more!!! I have watched the vid five times in a row and I still cannot get enough of Pat. Highlight for me: her chest rises with each deep inhale. Somewhere in between she does some open-mouth-inhales which are to die for!
This is to the producers: PLEASE FILM HER AGAIN!!!!
Well, do yourself a big favour and start downloading this great video of a true smoking goddess.

Anne and Lucie: We both...

star star star star star by Oliver, 13 years ago.

Two gorgeous girls satisfying their cravings. What more do you want?? I like Lucie a little better because of her long inhales and how she does double drags before putting the ciggy out. I am not sure whether Anne is German because of her accent. Lucie is definitely German ( I am also German) and it is probably the first time that I saw a German girl being filmed for a smoking fetish video.The quality and sound of the vid is amazing. Please, keep these high standards in the future and bring some more German girls in front of the camera!!