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A Masterpiece

by Observer, One year ago.

This has to be one of the top ten productions SSW has ever made. Sabrina is so beautiful, and yet is so obviously and intensely needful of nicotine. The production quality and lighting are masterful. I love being able to see the fine hairs on Sabrina's arms, and the pores of her tan skin. Thank you!

Back in the Saddle

star star star star star by Observer, 5 years ago.

Super work! You make me want to move to Spain. Seriously, it is nice to see your unmatched talent for filming women smoking not languishing in some self-imposed jail cell. Thanks!

Worth The Wait

star star star star star by Observer, 10 years ago.

Now this is one BEAUTIFUL woman - so beautiful that it almost does not seem right to see her smoking. I don't know where Fran finds these babes, but he has outdone himself here. To see such a powerful level of addictive craving in such a beauty is, of course, what this fetish is all about.

Who's The Friend??

star star star star star by Observer, 10 years ago.

Awesome video of Rebecca and her addiction to smoking pleasure. Your ability to motivate these women to really demonstrate the depth of their nicotine cravings on camera is unsurpassed. Rebecca's unnamed friend is a Julia Roberts look-alike if there ever was one, and may be one of the finest women you've filmed. I would hope to see her in at least ten of her own videos.