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Awkward fascination

by Nicolas Bonneau, 6 years ago.

Mind blowing, I'm stunned.
Helen is the friend, girlfriend, woman, mother, mistress... you have ever wished to have.
She's the fullfillment of it all.
Watch out. After this viewing, I'm despedrated to meet her.
Everything about her is gorgeous, includind her clear voice witch is a paradoxe.

Awesome art work

by Nicolas Bonneau, 7 years ago.

Eli is beauty, but not a stunning woman. She smokes without any tricks, which is not bad for me.
But she smokes really intensly, deeply.
Perfect nails, I just miss some red lips.

The direction, split screen are awesome, as the sound and the HD.
She's shy but seems more at ease during the interview.
I just regret that the questions don't go deeply in her sensations, and first experience.

Keep on inovating Fran, your work is excellent.

please dawn me Franchezca

by Nicolas Bonneau, 7 years ago.

Franchezca is a beauty.
She's a dragon, a devil and I want her to dawn me.
In underwear she's always sexy and never vulgar, and it's really great to see her body react to her non stop smoking.

Great movie : sound, light, angles.
I love her. Just miss some talking.


star star star star star by Nicolas Bonneau, 7 years ago.

This young woman have a uniqe je-ne-sais-quoi that made her fantastic. Classy chainsmoking, perfect body, great interview.
I like the focuses on the red nails / ashtrey.
Thanks, I'm waiting for aother Sausan vid...

the ONE

by Nicolas Bonneau, 8 years ago.

Not so much to say : Jessi is absolutly awesome.
Her smoking is totaly outstanding.