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Saray rules!

star star star star star by Neil, 7 years ago.

The Brunette Saray is worthy of her own video shes cute a good smoker. I particularly loved the begging she did to the other girl for a cig as she fed them to her. please film her again do whatever it takes to get her back!!

Amazing Smoking

star star star star star by Neil, 7 years ago.

Bad editing. She is the best smoker or at least one of the best around. Although her style may not appeal to everyone (no smoker will) shes probably worth the money. shes young, shes hot, a good smoker everything this site is about. Her style is characterized by very hard long drags. She inhales deeply and seems to truly enjoy smoking. I have nothing but good things about her smoking and appearance in this or her others. A++ for her. The reason for 4 stars is the bad editing the camera changes mid drag all the time, which makes it hard to follow her right in the middle of the best part, its ok to change angles just not in the middle of a drag and not so frequently. This may be a style choice, but I still protest it. But one thing I consider unacceptable is the cutting away and completely editing out exhales. some of her exhales in the last scene were long and he cuts away to the next drag before shes done several times :( . this completely eliminates the possibility of seeing residuals at times. this has been a theme for a bit now it appears on here. The camera completely jumps around so many times per drag its annoying, distracting, and to be a big disturbance here.

over all AMAZING SMOKER, poor editing
i wish there was a way to acquire stock footage