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Like a good wine

star star star star star by Muppezz, 9 months ago.

For me this is by far the best video featuring Becky. The sexy and beautiful smoking girl of the first video has become a wonderful smoking woman. Great body, big tits, full kissable lips and sexy stained smoking teeth: she's aged well like a good wine.
Her smoking has made the same way. Now it's deeper and more intense, a clear sign of the high level reached by Becky's addiction, but also of the pleasure that every drag brings her.
A real masterpiece by Smokingsweeties!

She turns you on

star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

If you are a smoke fetisher, be sure that Mireya is the girl for you!
Probably she's not the most bautiful model of this site, but has the power of make you feel the smoke like you were with her!
Her drags are strong, her exhales are creamy. Mireya has a deep addiction which is shown in every action she makes.
She needs to smoke!
Mireya, you're great and I hope to see you again as soon as possible!!

She's perfect

star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

Another masterpiece by Fran. He has probably found a new smoking fetish star! This girl is one of the most beautiful models in this site: her face, her boobs, her nice smile and obviously her smoking style are so sexy!!!
I see joy, fun and pleasure in every moment Anna spends with the cigarette.
Hope to see her again very soon!!!


star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

Good video and good performance by Dessi.
I give this video 4 stars because I like Dessi and her smoking, but I think she can do more :-)
Very good the interview, but a little more close-ups would be appreciated.
Hope to see her agian soon!

Very good

star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

Another masterpiece, with a sexy model and great smoking.
I love Iris, her beautiful face and her sexy, husky smoker voice!!
Mmm.. how I'd like to receive a smoky kiss from this beauty!
Good work Fran and please bring Iris back soon

On my personal podium

star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

Wow, this girl is fantastic! She has a spectacular body and a stunning face. And her lips... OMG, her lips are to die for!! When she sucks from her cigarette my breath stops until she blows out the smoke. How I'd like to kiss her!!!
I also find very sexy her smoking style, with deep inhales and neverending exhales.
Alexia stands on my personal podium of thi site: behind only Ewa (a real goddess) and Sonja (the sexiest smoking style I've ever seen).
I love you Alexia!!!


star star star star star by Muppezz, 10 years ago.

This woman must have iron lungs: terrifyng amount of smoke, her breath must really smell like an ashtray!
She's so addicted that I find really hard to think that she started smoking only 3 years ago! Ahh, the power of nicotine!!
She's also a beautiful woman, even if it's true that Fran has filmed some girls who are prettier than her.
I didn't gave the video 5 star because Erika's smoking is not sexy, she's so addicted that nearly eats the cigarette.
Then I always appreciate close-ups, but this time it would be better if there wasn't any of them: her skin shows some damages, and she doesn't do any snap or open mouth inhale. But the video in its complex is good!
Can I suggest an interview of this woman? I'd like to hear her raspy voice !


star star star star star by Muppezz, 11 years ago.

Perfect! Simply the best smoking video I've ever seen! Ewa is wonderful, great body, pierced tongue, kissable full lips. She smokes in the sexiest possible way!! Close-up scenes are to die for and the Ewa smoking under the shower is the perfect conclusion for this masterpiece!

The best of the best

star star star star star by Muppezz, 12 years ago.

Simply stunning! I become speechless every time I watch this video! Sonja is the girl of my dreams: beautiful face, perfect body and she smokes like a goddess. Her smoking technique is the sexiest I've ever seen!!!
Please more of her!!


star star star star star by Muppezz, 12 years ago.

Elena is the girl of my dreams!! Pretty face, full lips and obviously great smoker!! Don't miss this!! Please Fran, take another video with this Italian beauty!


star star star star star by Muppezz, 12 years ago.

WOW!! One of the best videos I've ever seen! The model is simply gorgeous: fantastic body, full lips and a very strong addiction (did you see how she loves every drag?)! Unfortunately she says only a few words, I'd like to hear more of her smoker's voice... Can I suggest an interview where she talks about her relationship with cigarettes?