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I love her!

star star star star star by Msb, 6 years ago.

Patricia is amazing and flirty! Great choice of outfit that really accentuates her features. I love the sexy looks she gives the camera and when she drags on her cigarettes its almost like she is kissing them.

Lovely girls.

star star star star star by Msb, 6 years ago.

Great girls with nice smiles. I think Safiya is alright but seems bored and disinterested at times. Imane to me is the saving grace of this video by far. Imane does a few combined nostril exhales which are nice to see.. I love how she shares her cigarette at times that is really fun to see as well she also has an amazing body with great perky breasts and perfect nipples but in my opinion the sexiest and my favorite part was the 40 seconds at the end where she was laying clothed on the sofa alone smoking which was WAY TOO SHORT! But yeah I hope to see more videos of Imane in the future!

Great body

star star star star star by Msb, 6 years ago.

She has a fantastic look about her with an amazing body and a great smile. The smoking to be honest is ok, she looks great dragging on the cigs and has a sexy style about her but there isn't much in ways of rings/nostrils/etc.. I guess everyone has their own style which is great in a way. The part where she unbuttons her shirt and then lifts her arms exposing the see through top while she undoes her hair is such a sexy moment! Great video!