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Elegant Smoking

star star star star star by Martin Weigold, One year ago.

This woman is attractive and elegant. She has obviously been smoking for many years and really enjoys it. The video is very good and I loved her nose exhales as she was lighting up, as well as the mixed exhales she did in other scenes. I also liked the fact she was smoking all whites except that it would have been better if they were full size (or even better VS120s) than those skinny Ome cigarettes.

I also liked the French accent that I find sexier than the Spanish accents you tend to get on this site.

Overall a very good video. I

Great dangling

star star star star star by Martin Weigold, One year ago.

I liked this video overall. The best part is the middle where she kneels on all fours and dangles a Virginia Slim exhaling through her nose. That is great and has excellent lighting. The disappointing parts were the scene with her smoking a cork at the end which I did not find sexy as well as the fact that, on occasion, she would hold the cigarette as though she was holding a dart - that's more for truck drivers, not beautiful ladies.

Awesome Video

star star star star star by Martin Weigold, One year ago.

This video is amazing. First, I have to say that there is far too much comment about the girl in the glasses in the video. Sure, she is cute and a FANTASTIC smoker. But make no mistake, she is the appetizer for the entree which is undoubtedly Berlainy. Berlainy is stunning, very very beautiful and has an incredible smoking style. It is rare to find great videos of coloured women smoking. This ticks the box in every way. Such a shame this is the only video that you have of her.

Also, the video is very well shot I have to say - no distracting background noises or crappy backgrounds which I have seen in some of the other videos ... great lighting too so you can see every bit of smoke. Well done to the cameraman.