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Thanks to all involved

star star star star star by Marcus44, 9 years ago.

I'm one of those guys who beg and beg for outdoor scenes, so this video is a happy answer to that plea: there is no one who can shoot outdoor scenes, much less outdoor SMOKING scenes, like Fran. And so I'm deeply appreciative of the inclusion of this one here. But there's so much more that I love. SO much more. I won't bore you with all of the individual items, but will share two. I truly love the eye makeup these girls wear: it is ideal. Ideal for females, and even more so for female smokers. WOW! I just can't -- pardon the clumsiness of expression -- take my eyes off their eyes. Again, WOW! And finally, I am a huge fan of sidestream exhales, and Lorena is an absolute expert at them and displays them often. I couldn't have asked for more, and no one else could have delivered it. I appreciate everyone involved here for this artful and beautiful product.