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Saskia & Diana

star star star star star by Marc T, 12 years ago.

Wow! This one is a must see...Hot!Hot!Hot!I'd say one of my favs so far,great job,keep 'em coming!


star star star star star by Marc T, 13 years ago.

Just watched...absolutely love the documentary style of this one...casual,laid back, very candid(ish)...of course the ladies are gorgeous as anyone can see by the pics, but this is a real gem of a vid and original..nice scenery BTW as well as in some others!(gotta check out Barcelona next time on that sude of the pond!)(you should get the Spanish tourism people to kick in some bucks as well!LOL)Big fan of the "real life..not-made-up-in-the-studio" type vids..very nice work!
keep 'em coming!


star star star star star by Marc T, 13 years ago.

Very nice work fav yet (the ones I have anyway, which are quickly adding up)...she's a true Italian Goddess, very classic and extremely photogenic...and a mighty serious smoker for work,audio,lighting, all top of the line IMO, no room for improvement as far as I can see.....MORE OF HER PLEASE!:)

sisters in car

star star star star star by Marc T, 13 years ago.

I have to agree with Dani here, both are beautiful, but the dark haired sister is absolutely stunning IMO, most big name actresses or models couldn't even come close. Very well shot..amazing how the camera isn't bouncing around in there!LOL The little (few second interludes) of the scenic little towns and such is a very nice touch, and the quick finale at the end where you've arrrived at your destination is also nice. My greatest interest in all this is watching the constant improvement in the cinematography, composition of shots and so forth. Anybody can shoot a model in the same boring set video after video which has been done to death. This is taking to the next level, video by video. Very impressed with this one..keep up the good work!

Pat 1

star star star star star by Marc T, 13 years ago.

Another top of the line video...what a stunningly beautiful girl! Video/audio are excellent in this as well...great job!
Marc T

Dahiana 1

star star star star star by Marc T, 13 years ago.

I'm biased because I'm hypnotized by beautiful Latin ladies with sexy accents,but the quality of the video and audio are top notch...and the pics tell the rest of the story more than words can....a must have video for the "coffee table" smoking fetish enthusiast...5 stars from this reviewer anyway!