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Oh Dear

star star star star star by Malc, 11 years ago.

I downloaded this vid after watching the sample from the SFK forum.

I'm into closed mouth inhales, so when I saw Iveta do this on the sample i thought id buy it.

Frankly i wish i hadn't bothered.

The editing is dreadful, full of pretentious dissolve cuts that are really irritating & screw up the flow of the action.

Some of the directing is terrible too - especially at the beginning when Iveta is practically hidden in a doorway of a toilet, so you can't see her smoke.

Adja - though a doll & clearly the "normal" one of the two, is a pretty average smoker despite her claimed 3ppd habit. Though her drags are good, her inhales are very shallow - hence the reason her exhales look relatively thick.

Despite the fact that Iveta a far better smoker, the camera lingers on Adja way too much, in sort of a pretentious 60's Euro art house way. Great for 60's art house - unfortunatly this is a fetish video!

I could forgive all of these faults though except for one thing - the "dialog"!

Niether girls speak English very well, but Iveta's English is so poor she actually sounds deranged!

At one point I started laughing at her, then quickly wanted to gag her.

She sure is one weird Female.

Its a shame cos she can smoke brilliantly.

Her drags are great cheek-hollowing jobs, she inhales loudly to her toes (mostly not closed mouth but you cant have everything...), she often holds the smoke down & her primary & residue exhales are phenominal - though i still don't know how many she gets through a day - did you simple forget to ask Fran or is she actually only a 10 a day girl IRL?

Getting back to the bad bits, niether Girl can think of anything interesting to say, so both look awkard & preduce many unconfortable silences between obvious "revelations" that are practially unintelligable under the sea of scramballed Englsh Iveta utters.

Adja does her best to understand her, but Iveta just rambles on & on & on ......

Fran, if you ever use Iveta again for Gods sake either get a translator or keep her mouth tight shout - i beg you please!

All in all definately NOT one of Fran's best. There are MUCH better video here (checkout Elsa) - buy one of those - pass on this one!

Not bad

star star star star star by Malc, 11 years ago.

This is acurious one.

The interview is very good, with some slightly more intelligent questions, like does she smoke as much when shes ill etc.

Her smoking style is pretty good too (Shallow inhale - your kidding!)

But she plays up to the camera too much - it gets a bit tiresome after a while,

& its a little more amaturish than some here.

All in all not bad. Bring the price down tp 3.99 & ill give it another star!

Not Bad - could have been brill

star star star star star by Malc, 11 years ago.

Below is my PERSONAL view so don't shoot!

MANY guys will LOVE this vid - but to me its 6/10 tops.

This girl is a total babe (great boobs,ass you name it she has it all). Smoking is good with deep inhales, nose exhales etc - you know the deal.
The lighting is exceptional - very professional in parts.

Heres the BUT however - like a lot of the vids here, its way over directed.

This one so over done I have little idea how the girl NATURALLY smokes.

OK so its great seeing a girl smoke marl reds, nose exhalling waiving her arse at us etc but what i really wanna see is her natural style, smoking her normal brand.

Theres no interview too so again i'm left wondering how much of what im seeing & written here is BullS*it.

Its all a bit too arty farty. As a famous porn directer said once, "Its not where she does it, its not who she does it too, its what shes doing that does it".

Sorry to be so critical, but after downloading several i'm begining to get frustrated by what i'm seeing & i'm wondering if i should bother with you anymore.

Why not split your vids into two parts?

First part, just a straight, TRUTHFULL, interview , relaxed & informal in approach with the girl smoking with her natural style, her own brand of cig.

Second part - the "Fantasy" stuff.

That way you've all bases covered.

Fantastic closed-mouth inhaler!

star star star star star by Malc, 11 years ago.

Despite what one reviewer said earlier - Judit inhales everytime - lots of it right down to her toes!

Judit smokes in a very special way however - she almost always closed-mouth inhales.

Because of this a small bit of uninhalled stuff will "pop out" just before a huge jet inhalled smoke pours out of her lungs - Fantastic!
You can hear it as clear as a bell too (Some microphone you got there Fran!).

If your into CMI's then this one is DEFINATELY for you! Even if your not - you will be after you watch it!