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I wonder

by Magellan, 10 years ago.

After viewing this wonderful video, and fantasizing about this incredibly beautiful girl, multiple times over several months, I seem to ALWAYS find myself returning to a single thought about it, considered from a different angle. I think of it from the position of Erika's ex-husband, having married and then survived an intensely bitter divorce from a non-smoker, happening upon this video, being shocked and overwhelmed by the discovery of her smoking, of how powerful it is, of the spectacular smoking skills she possesses, of the unbelievable number of cigarettes she smokes (1,500 in a month!!!), and of the deliciousness of that amazing mouth when she smokes, and then calling her to BEG her to marry him again. His sense of loss would be unbearable, it seems to me, because I know I want to marry her myself.