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re: Great--but 2 at a time?

by MAX, 2 years ago.

I have, though it is rare. It's usually in the context of "lit one, got distracted for a second and forgot one was already lit so sparked up another and then decided to just go for both at once". It's also something I've only seen from VERY heavy smokers, girls that smoke MORE THAN three packs every day. I've been blessed to know a few of these and who were exceptionally hot.

What a Saleswoman!

star star star star star by MAX, 3 years ago.

Vanessa must be the best saleswoman in Barcelona. I don't think I could wait five minutes without buying one of her videos.

I don't know how she does it but I find it a bit unbelievable it's been 11 years since her first video here. I just get older and crankier and if she's changed at all it's only been to become more beautiful.

The smoking was top notch, as if I really needed to say. Would anyone believe me anyway if I said otherwise with a Vanessa video? I really liked the scene with her [repeatedly] coming over and laying down POV on the bed. It would be a dream to have her come lay down and smoke next to me.

I am beyond overjoyed to see her come back for another video. I wish there were more updates here but I appreciate every one. I hope still someday we'll get to see a new video with Elsa too. It's been forever since her last.

All the cigs in the world for Vanessa!

The Amazing Rosy

star star star star star by MAX, 4 years ago.

I can't believe cute young Rosy is so fast turning into a mature and long-term heavy smoking woman. Her addiction has definitely matured along the way with her. She smokes much faster now and often takes multiple drags from her cigarette. It's been really great to have gotten to see her over these years and now starting to see some of the effects of long term smoking abuse on her face and skin. She is totally hooked now though, after all these years and will for sure continue to feed her hungry lungs with what they need in spite of any damage it causes her. I wonder how quickly she gets herself out of breath now when doing sports or walking on stairs?

It's always fantastic to see another appearance from the always amazing Rosy. She has really become a fixture of this site and the smoking fetish community.

Amazing Residuals

star star star star star by MAX, 4 years ago.

I am really glad that I didn't overlook this video. These sisters certainly haven't slowed down any. Sonia especially is sucking down her cigs like no tomorrow. Her inhales are so deep and hard making her cheeks cave in and her cigarettes disappear in record time.

The second scene contained some of the best residual exhales that I have ever seen captured on film. Sonia would take a massive inhale, hold it for a second and then exhale. Her exhales were long and thick and would assume that they had emptied their lungs of smoke. This turned out to be far from true. After several seconds of speaking in Spanish and another several exhales of normal breathing, smoke was still coming out from her lungs. It was truly a sight to see. Her lungs must be so black by now smoking this way. Sonia really stole the show with this scene.

I really enjoyed some of the outfits from this video. The tight dresses from the last scene were fantastic and did a great job of showing off the girl's curvy attributes. Overall this was a fantastic performance from a couple of totally hooked European chainsmoking sisters. It was definitely great to get to see them back again.

re: Silvia and Dafne

by MAX, 4 years ago.

Dafne has such an amazing, encouraging and heavy smoking sister. With inspiration like that she is sure to have indulged her every desire and craving. I am sure that by now she is completely and irreversibly addicted. Perhaps now, having partners and growing more mature, they have both caused each other to make more opportunities for smoking. Maybe they both have increased further their smoking? It would be amazing to get to see them make a return.

A Quick Learner

star star star star star by MAX, 4 years ago.

She's very pretty. With those enthusiastic drags and deep inhales she's well on her way to a solid addiction. Definitely needs the right encouragement at this still early stage. She could become a very heavy smoker during a couple more years.

re: re: re: She is worth it

by MAX, 5 years ago.

You're right but the last video with Elsa was in 2010 which is seven years ago now. We're going to be closing on eight soon... :D I hope she's happy too, just wish she'd come visit once in awhile for a coffee and a couple packets of cigs.

re: Dessi: Holding it Inside

by MAX, 5 years ago.

Dessi, for a girl having smoked for "only" seven years is already a very heavy smoker and so incredibly addicted. Dessi doesn't know how long she can go without but it's not long, "only minutes" she says with her deep raspy smoker's voice. This is easily demonstrated by her deep, strong inhales punctuated only by her occasional adorable wet smoker's cough. She loves to smoke and is so sure that she will never quit.

re: Just incredible

by MAX, 5 years ago.

She is amazing and sucking down her cigarettes like every inhale is the last bit of air her black lungs will ever get. It's been nearly five years now since this video was new. I would love to see Alexia back again soon for an update. She was still increasing in her addiction when she was last here.

re: She is worth it

by MAX, 5 years ago.

You're right. It is awesome seeing Mery back! I can't believe it's been four years already since her first video. Her smoking style has seemed to improve and addiction still top notch. She seems to have gotten a bit curvier too since last seen which looks great on her!

I also miss seeing Elsa. It's been more than seven years now since her last update. I would love to be able to see her come back again. Hoping she's still at over two packs. Dessi was another star with far too little material that I would love to see come back! Such a sweet little cough and strong addiction from someone so young. I also think Dafne would be nice to see again. She was only just starting with her first video but is likely pretty advanced by now thanks to her sister!

Welcome Back Rosy!

star star star star star by MAX, 7 years ago.

I haven't downloaded this one (yet) but just needed to comment about how awesome it is to have Rosy back and how great all the pictures look. I get disappointed seeing so few updates here recently but a great one like this surely brings a smile to my face. It is also really nice to see that you filled in Rosy's conspicuously absent profile. Thanks for this one Fran and keep up the good work!

Get Daphne Back!

by MAX, 8 years ago.

Daphne is ridiculously hot and astonishingly good at smoking despite a short time in doing so. It is about time that we see an update video with her and witness the progress that she has made, with the help of her sister to becoming a true chain smoking goddess.

Cigarettes Just Disappear

star star star star star by MAX, 8 years ago.

Alexia is truly spectacular. The scene with the first two cigarettes in particular was awe inspiring. Never before have I seen cigarettes disappear that quickly. Endless drags coupled with hands free smoking. It was so much that she looked to get a little shaken and breathless by it. I really hope that we see a lot more of Alexia in the future.

Another Amazing Outing for Vanessa

star star star star star by MAX, 9 years ago.

Vanessa, always a favorite delivers another great performance here. The hunger with which she inhales her smoke with nearly every breath she takes makes her really one of a kind. I especially liked her near breathless frenzy of smoking during the dancing scene. The audio is also spectacular.

Something to Behold

star star star star star by MAX, 9 years ago.

She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman and an accomplished smoker. The hands free smoking in this video is probably the best that I have seen anywhere from anyone ever. Fran has not seemed to be putting out as much content in recent years as before but the quality of each video has actually improved. This video is a great example. NOT TO BE MISSED!