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Solo vid

star star star star star by M, One month ago.

Great return to form as I wasn't feeling the last few releases. Would love to see lengthy solo vids with first the girl in the brown top (in the same jeans which look incredible on her in different settings) and then the brunette in the black top.

Good but...

star star star star star by M, 3 months ago.

We've seen a lot of these models now. Personally would like to see the return of:

1. Eli
2. Sara
3. Gwen
4. Sheila
5. Alazne
6. AnnaMC
7. Victoria

Fairly good

star star star star star by M, 6 years ago.

Ok, but not at the usual highest standards. I think we need to the see the return of.....Gwen, Eli or Alazne to great the same excitement these releases had in previous years. There's a lot of competition now, but Fran is still the best in the world at capturing the fetish in it's full glory, however the last few releases have been a decline compared to his previous greatness!

Hope to see you rise again sooner rather than later to reclaim your crown. :)

The new face

star star star star star by M, 9 years ago.

Rosy has long been the face of the site, but I think this girl is your best yet and deserves this crown.

Please bring Sheila, Eli, Gwen and Sara back for more =)


star star star star star by M, 10 years ago.

If you don't book her for another shoot this very instant I will never forgive you!

Possibly the most stunning video on your site.

If you guys want to see her again then let's make sure that we let Fran know!

Don't hold back....

star star star star star by M, 10 years ago.

....Buy this now!

Absolutely incredible! Please give us more of this beauty, Fran and please get more perfect smoking goddesses again!