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star star star star star by LongTimeFan, 2 months ago.

Anything with Raquel is an instant buy!
She becomes more and more alluring and beautiful as she ages.
Ona and Vanessa are appealing models also....But what I would really like to see is a new solo video with Raquel.

re: Fantastic Model

by LongTimeFan, 6 months ago.


Appealing model, but terrible cigarettes.

One of the best

star star star star star by LongTimeFan, 2 years ago.

This is a fantastic video. Deserves 10 stars. Sabrina is absolutely gorgeous. And she truly knows how to smoke. She definitely belongs in the very top group of the great models on the site. Please, can we have MANY more videos of the gorgeous Sabrina!


star star star star star by LongTimeFan, 8 years ago.

Not sure why there aren't more reviews yet. This is an excellent video. Lola is a lovely woman and clearly an experienced and dedicated smoker. I could have done without the opening sequence of "reverse" frames, with smoke flowing from the air into her mouth. Would certainly enjoy a second video of Lola, hopefully wearing a transparent top and no bra.


star star star star star by LongTimeFan, 11 years ago.

Everyone has the right to his/her opinion, of course.

But I cannot see ANY possible way that one of the previous reviewers could have reached the conclusion that Jen looks worse in this video than she did in Jen 01.

She is stunning, gorgeous in both. One of the most attractive models and best smokers on the entire site.

This is a fabulous video, and imho Jen is just perfect. (Including the fact that the slight staining of her teeth gives evidence of long-time heavy smoking. In my book, that's a major PLUS.)

Very Good

star star star star star by LongTimeFan, 13 years ago.

Roxana is extremely cute, has a delightful and unusual voice, and contrary to another review, she is quite a good smoker. She doesn't make distinctly audible inhalation sounds, but she clearly smokes with her lungs, and rather deeply, too. For her age, she is obviously an accomplished and committed smoker.