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Best smoker in the last 2 years.

by L Dydx, 11 months ago.

There is a natural sexiness in the way works the cigarette. The 2nd cig is amazing. FYI, I haven't downloaded one in a few years, having downloaded most of them in years prior. (That's a combination of getting old, 77, and having too much already stored (1 GB). But I think Helga is among the most ferocious smokers I have ever seen. Best in a few years, IMO. If you can ever bring her back, do it.

A great one

star star star star star by L Dydx, 5 years ago.

Rosy obviously is great. But Desiree? Addicted later in life by her younger sister? Rosy just keeps the smoke pumping. But Desiree seems to enjoy it more. Together they are the ultimate sister smokers. They even team smoke. You could die from this.

5 stars as always

star star star star star by L Dydx, 6 years ago.

Rosy is unbelievable as always. But her sister has another way of consuming the smoke that is so attractive. Bring her back too. But Fran, clearly you have so many choices to bring back. And clearly you are tiring of this activity, financially or otherwise. And clearly you are a perfectionist. Why not put your unedited stuff on another site, and let us download the bulk of it for another price. I know, its not good enough. But your lighting is incredible; so let us see the outtakes, the raw footage. We would get to know these women, and, as we already love them, anything more about their personalities would help us love them more. You are the greatest smoking fetish photographer EVER. And I am an expert; I've been downloading SF stuff since 1995, and at my age, 71, you are my only last hope of good material. (Its harder to get it up every year.)

We hope you are back

star star star star star by L Dydx, 7 years ago.

Thank you Fran. Please continue to do what you do so very very very well. We appreciate it. I keep checking back, almost daily, and its nice to see you have returned. This model is ok. Not your best. But ok, is still better than anybody else.

Nose exhales while puffing

star star star star star by L Dydx, 8 years ago.

18 years old. But a professional smoker. She drags, and exhales through her nose while she sucks on the cigarette, and often, again. She really enjoys her smoke. Again and again. And again. There are so many double and triple puffs, all with nose exhales while inhaling. Its been 4 years since that video. Please bring her back.

This is incredible

star star star star star by L Dydx, 9 years ago.

Smoking at age 12. Fully enjoying her cigs. Great conversation. Best is the 2nd half. Please bring her back. She really tells us how much she enjoys inhaling and exhaling. That is the best. And she heaves he chest just to make sure we understand how much she loves it. The gift that keeps cumming.

Unbelieveably Great

star star star star star by L Dydx, 9 years ago.

She really likes cigarettes. She really loves that smoke in her lungs, and lets you feel the sensation with her. At 30-40 cigarettes a day, she it 'a bit addicted'. But unrepentant. Never tried to quit. Loves it too much. Her smiles tell us how much she loves smoking. Her drags stand her cigarettes at attention. As she hollows her cheeks to drag the maximum possible inside. A couple of double drags. No nose exhales (she should practice, but after 12 years pumping, and holding it in, I don't think she wants to waste any smoke on nose exhaling, even on the second drag.) She really understands what she is doing to us. I have never paused a video so often, ever.

Please Fran, bring her back many times. And interview her, over and over again about how the smoke feels entering and exiting her body. When she started. Why she isn't shy about bringing us in to her smoking. Get her to do more holding. Smiling, which comes naturally to her, is a big plus. Smiling while holding is a big turn on. And she does it so well.

Best Smoke Holder Ever

star star star star star by L Dydx, 9 years ago.

This is unbelievable. Sure she loves smoking. But words don't describe it. You cannot believe how dedicated she is to holding her smoke in. While she is answering questions, she takes an extra breath, so as not to release any of her precious smoke. And her smile, showing how satisfied she is with the smoke inside her, is unbelievable. I don't care how much her next video costs, I would pay anything to see it. Fran, don't disappoint us. Lets see her again. Please.

Multiple smiles while holding

star star star star star by L Dydx, 10 years ago.

Words fail me. Beautiful. Boobs. Multiple smiles while holding (my favorite). Even nose exhales. Enjoyment of her inhales. But pretty fanastic for a 19 year old.

Better than incredible...

star star star star star by L Dydx, 10 years ago.

There's one point when she is pulling back her hair to demonstrate how to smoke without touching the cigarette, that she pumps 4 times into her lungs, each time letting some out her nose, but building the quantity in her lungs with each draw. No puffing here. Just lung filling sucks. I thought I would die. Especially since she is doing it on the 2nd cigarette. Fran, you are very talented. And wicked.

Give me a break

star star star star star by L Dydx, 11 years ago.

OMG. You must get this. 1 Year of smoking and she can do this? Fran, teach her more tricks, and get her back. She is over the top (and topless), as it is.

Perfect beauty smoking with pleasure

by L Dydx, 11 years ago.

Perfectly beautiful smoking. Great interview. I could watch her all day. One of the best. I'd like to see her again. And Fran, keep her starved for cigarettes again before the shoot.

Perfect frequent double pumps with nostril exhales in between

star star star star star by L Dydx, 11 years ago.

I agree with the other posts. "release the cigarette from her lips, prefferably do a snap inhale, then return the cigarette and pour smoke all over it while she drags again. Even better if she does it a few times in a row"

She even does it on her 2nd cigarette. Which attests to her addiction level.

This has it all. All.

star star star star star by L Dydx, 11 years ago.

Tits. Holds. Hair. Sexy. Nostrils. Beautiful sexy girl. More tits. More holds. Coughs. Full flavour Reds. Totally enjoying it. Chest expansions. Loud exhales and inhales. Wide exhales. Smoking as if she is having sex. All in closeups. More Mostril exhales with tits expanding. She definitely appreciates the extra smoke in her lungs. She takes long drags and long holds. Headstand with tits while smoking? Give me a break! Also see her video while exercising.

I went blind

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

My eyes couldnt decide where to look. Double pumps on both sides, all the time, mixed with triple and quadruple pumps. There is so much smoking intensity going on all the time that all I could hope for was synchronized smoking, so I could just watch both at the same time. I couldnt believe that these girls could smoke so much so well. Smoke shooting out all the time. These double pumps look like they are needed. Like going without smoke is not something they do. They dont know how to not smoke. Their nostril exhales are always a pleasure, and they never disappoint. Hands free. Dangling while dragging. Only to drag some more. Heaving chests. Chain light ups from previous cigarettes, just when you think its impossible to imagine more. And then a hold on the next cigarette. Good crackling sounds. A couple of open mouth inhales. Greatfully enjoyed inhales at the end.

Making up for lost time

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

If you start smoking at 13, by 31 you are not happy about your habit. But Erika started at 29, and she is making up for lost time. 400 cigarettes a week. Wow. She is enjoying it immensely. Those cigarettes go down really well. 2 and 3 drags before completing her inhale. We would all love to smoke the volume of smoke that she permits herself. She doesnt get any of the negatives yet. And since she's fully grown, her decision to totally smoke is so much more attractive in an intelligent smoker who understands what she has signed in for. I hope she continues to enjoy her smokefest for many years to come. And please. Fran. Ask her to do it again.

2 candidates for the smoking hall of fame.

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

These two need awards in the smoking hall of fame. Adja gets the award for the happiest smoker. Iveta gets the award for the best inhales. Iveta can exhale from her nose while still dragging it in. Plus a french inhale to boot. Adja loves her smoke. I wish Adja could take as much nicotine as Iveta, but she prefers the lighter cigarettes. Iveta needs it more, though Adja is younger and will increase her amazing satisfied smoking power as she grows older, I'm sure. But she is still a major contender for best smoker ever. I love the way Adja's cigarettes stand at attention as she drags. But I love how Iveta's smoke dwells in her lungs those extra few seconds as she prepares her lungs for that full drag that follows the initial coating of nicotine that proceeds most every full drag.

How to ingest massive quantities of smoke

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

You may never ever see anyone suck in so much smoke. She makes sure that she doesnt exhale too much smoke while she prepares to ingest the next suck. Its like she cant imagine inhaling without a proper amount of smoke to be simultaneously exhaling.

Never better

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

Ajda is terrific. Her response when she is asked if she would ever consider stopping, is perfect. She laughs, like in 'are you out of your mind'. They are each great smokers. But Iveta has the better camera angle, so she looks better than Ajda. But Ajda is the unrepentant smoker, who loves it more than Iveta. They should definitely reverse roles, and camera angles, so that Ajda can tease Iveta into enjoying and accepting the addiction which they both strongly share. One of the best videos ever.

Even more feats of smoke ingestion

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

I may never have seen a woman ingest such massive amounts of smoke. She holds the second, or third, or even fourth consecutive drag in. Spectacular.

New smoker in ambient lighting

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

Great if you like actual scenes smoking in a bar with ambient lighting. Great if you like multiple drags, down to the filter. Great if you like a new smoker who knows how to smoke.

But everyone needs to download more of Fran's videos, to keep him in business. This is the best site on the web these days. And very well done.

Best Training Ever

star star star star star by L Dydx, 12 years ago.

Best Training Ever. The enthusiastic smoker REALLY wants to train the beginner. The beginner REALLY wants to get trained. The beginner will become FULLY addicted, but not in this video. We are so hopeful that she will adopt her training, as she clearly will. But we need to see her fully inhale and exhale, as we know she will.

Please Fran, show us the results. The anticipation is worth the price of the video. The beginner is so fully willing to be trained.

One of the very best

star star star star star by L Dydx, 13 years ago.

I have only viewed the 1st half before I began to write. And I can tell you that its incredible. I cant believe it. Very close up. Deep inhales. Dangling while inhaling, multiple times. She is really with you, smoking for you, looking up at you. One more puff dangled, and then another, to the end. And then she reaches for another. I cant wait to see what's next. What's next is a chain light up, nostril exhale, then another chest inhale, dangle, then exhale, while dangling. Another erect inhale, and noisy exhale, with an MMMM sound. Another erect dangling inhale. Then a languid exhale, while holding, while she stares at you. Then a double inhale while she stares at you as she exhales. She doesnt hurry her exhales. And she doesnt mind switching between mouth and nostril exhales.

She definitely likes her cigarettes, even though she doesnt talk about them. She is beautiful, and loves her cigarettes.

A seriously dedicated smoker

star star star star star by L Dydx, 13 years ago.

Started at 13. “Didn’t take very long.”

She lights up. Inhales. Whooshing sound. She talks. But its not over. So she can talk more without exhaling, she holds her breath, then reinhales to keep the smoke down longer. Then she explodes into an exhale, because she has very full lungs of one part smoke and and one part air. All this with hair covering her bare breasts.

She does this again. When she is reminiscing about starting to smoke, it is with a fond look in her eyes like a treasured memory.

She likes to hold the smoke in extra long. She likes to move her hands away from the cigarette to give herself a longer time to suck the smoke out of the cigarette.

“I like smoking a lot. Its very good for your body. I like feeling the smoke to enter my lungs and” – drag, whoosh, hold – “completely capture me.” She does that double inhale again. She doesn’t want to waste any of the smoke on talking. Seriously. She really doesn’t want to release the smoke. “It’s good”

She does another one of her patented double inhales on a single drag, and then she asks, rhetorically, “What is it doing? Its making me feel healthy”, as she laughs and blasts out two nostrils full of happy smoke. “It’s like my spiritual awakening. (thoughtful pause), my life force”
How many per day? “Lots”. As she explains this in detail, she makes sure she doesn’t exhale until she reinhales, so as to not waste any smoke. (Her smoke is Reds, and that is expensive, so I’m sure she is just being a frugal consumer. Waste not, want not.)

“You definitely have a relationship with a cigarette. A long lasting relationship. It’s my longest yet. I’ve given more kisses to all the cigarettes I’ve smoked in my life…than any man.” Quit smoking? “I enjoy it too much. I think now that I may smoke till the day I die.”

And then she does a Red 100 in 2:15. At first she takes a puff every 13 seconds. It could be shorter, but she really wants that extra hold. Of course she has to speed up. So of course there are nostril exhales during inhales. But she definitely wants to hold that smoke as she usually does. And then comes the double pumps, because she’s racing. She knows where to put that extra smoke. Out her nose. And then comes the triple pumps. She is speeding up. But she takes time to enjoy a single pump. With a fan-like exhale. But not for long. She finishes with 6-7 pumps. But what’s this. A blackened tear rolls down her cheek. It’s hard work to smoke that fast. Asked how she feels now, “It feels wrong and dirty”, she says. Laughing. Asked how her lungs feel now, she says “Refreshed, in a strange way.”

Then begins a scene in public. She finishes one cigarette, but lights up another immediately. Nice close-ups, but nothing special. Hands free inhaling of course. The lighting is mediocre. Although there are double pumps, there is a little wind, and she isn’t a specialist at not losing some smoke to the wind. Even when she does 4 pumps in a row, the smoke visibility isn’t good, but you can tell that the smoke is going directly to her lungs anyway. She doesn’t want to waste any smoke.

And then begins a studio artistic session. Viewing her from above and behind. And she looks up at you, above and behind. Not great lighting. But the snaps are good. ‘What do you feel when you smoke’. “Enjoyment. Fulfilling my lungs. Peace.” And then her 95% consumed cigarettes goes out (it could be a joint), and she relights it. Probably is a joint. “Makes me drift off in a dream. Just focusing on the smoke. And where it flows. And where it goes. Reminds me of me…Asking me if I’m addicted? I am addicted to smoking. It’s my vice. It’s my nemesis. A good one. It’s the action of smoking, something you can’t get enough of. When it ends it’s a good feeling. You can start up another one. It shows ….have more, and more, and more, and more.” And then she lights up another one. “I like Reds (100’s) most. Red is a good color. It means passion. I have a passion for smoking. “ But the lighting isn’t good. But the close-ups compensate.

And then there is a bathroom scene, with bare breasts. And smoking. (Of course.) The lighting isn’t perfect, but the snaps are good, and the intensity is good. And the dangles are good.

But don’t ignore the other best dedicated, beautiful, unrepentant smoker. Ajda: Chain smoking model interview. “Its healthy you know” and she whooshes, and her cig reaches the sky, hands free, each time she inhales. And she clearly loves it. And she has great lips and she’s beautiful. Fran, bring her back, in studio.

Nostril exhale on 1st puff while inhaling

star star star star star by L Dydx, 13 years ago.

She has a very unusual smoking style. Innocent. She exhales smoke through her nostrils while she is still dragging her 1st puff. (Those are not double drags you see in the photos.) I've never seen that before. (How can she do that?) And she does if often. She talks about her addiction. \"I love feeling the smoke, here, inside. I love it\". \"I love to feel the smoke, here, in my lungs. I love the sensation.\"

Loud exhales

star star star star star by L Dydx, 13 years ago.

The really terrific thing about this video is that she likes to push the exhales out with terrific force and an especially loud exhale. She also occasionally lifts the cigarette to her nose, and seems to try to smell it. She actually does seem like a recent smoker, but her style is unbelievably good for a new smoker. She seems like she is still learning, yet she seems unbelievably accomplished.


star star star star star by L Dydx, 14 years ago.

This girl really loves her smoke. "Its healthy you know" she says in the middle of a deep exhale. She says that she smokes 2-3 packs a day, and you can tell she is telling the truth. And she's beautiful.